Coros Apex versus Coros Pace 2: Which one is better for YOU?

Coros Apex versus Coros Pace 2: Which one is better for YOU?

Which is a better GPS watch: The Coros Apex or Coros Pace 2?

While the Coros Apex and the Coros Pace 2 are the cheaper options from Coros, both are high quality watches. Eluid Kipchoge likes the Coros Pace 2 but Des Linden likes the Coros Apex. So it’s not as if the pros are using one or the other. Which Coros watch do I like? It’s close but I think I like the style and the extra features of the Coros Apex slightly better.

One of the most common questions about Coros I get is: Which is better: The Coros Apex or the Coros Pace 2? They both have similar features, although the Coros Pace 2 is nearly half the cost.

Coros Apex versus Coros Pace 2: Which one is better for YOU?

What do the Coros Apex and Coros Pace 2 have in common?

  • Both offer the basic running features: GPS, heart rate, pace, ect
  • Both have open water and triathlon mode (compared to Garmin models that only have these features for watches over $500)
  • Both watches have several modes including: Run, Indoor Run, Track Run, Gym, GPS Cardio, Strength training, bike, indoor bike, flatwater, pool swim rowing, open water rowing, and triathlon.
  • Both Coros Apex and Coros Pace 2 allow you to create interval workouts.
  • They both have Barometric Altomter.
  • In depth data that both fitness data: Stamina remaining, Running Power, Training Effect, Stamina

Other Fitness Data both the Coros Apex and Coros Pace 2 have:

  • Steps
  • Floors climbed
  • VO2 Max
  • Sleep
  • Phone notifications

Coros apex gps watch review

Battery Life:

Both have some of the best GPS battery life with 20-30 days of “regular use” and 25-30 hours in GPS mode and 60-100 hours in the UltraMax GPS mode.

Other Features:

Warrenty:  Both have a 2 year warranty.

Watch Face Size: Both the Coros Apex (46 mm) and Coros Pace 2 have a 1.2 inch watch face (the Apex in 42 mm has a 1.1 mm watch face), the physical size varies.

What are the drawbacks of the Coros Apex and Coros Pace 2?

Both the Coros Apex and Coros Pace 2 overestimate elevation gain. Sometimes it’s by 100 feet and other times it’s by more. While neither of them overesimtate 100% of the time, they do about half of the time.

No ability to track running shoes: This is super nitpicky! The garmin app allows you to track the mileage on your running shoes. I just use Strava to do that so it’s not a big deal.

No music: If you’re looking for music on your GPS watch, then neither Coros model is right for you.

Coros Pace 2 Watch Review

Differences in Battery Life between the Coros Pace 2, Apex 42 mm and Apex 46 mm:

Pace 2: Apex 42 mm Apex 46 mm
Regular Use: 20 days 24 days 30 days
GPS Mode: 30 hours 25 hours 35 hours
UltraMax GPS Mode: 60 hours 80 hours 100 hours

Why choose the Coros Apex?

The Coros Apex comes in two different sizes 42 mm and 46 mm. I’m a fan of the 42 because it’s smaller on my wrist. If you are looking for biggest Coros watch between the Apex and Pace 2, the Apex in 46 mm is the biggest. Both the Apex 42 mm and the Pace 2 are roughly the same size.

Why choose the Coros Apex?

  • Apex has better battery life: It’s funny to say “better battery life” between the two because they are both top in the industry.
  • The Coros Apex can track several more activities, including: Hike, Ski, Snowboard, XC Ski, Ski Touring, and Multisport.
  • Apex looks more premium.

Which Coros Watch is Better for Trail and Ultra Runners?

Generally I would say the Apex and probably specifically the Apex 46 mm. Why? the Apex 46 mm has:

  • Better battery life
  • Navigation
  • Trail running profile
  • Watch real time progress
  • More modes: run, trail run, mountain climb, and bike

Hiking Lake Calavera Carlsbad California

Why Choose the Coros Pace 2?

  • Lightest GPS watch on the market. Signicantly lighter than both the Apex 42 mm and Apex 46 mm.
  • Options for both nylon and silcone band (I like silicone because I sweat a lot).
  • Night mode which activates on runs between sunset and sunrise
  • Best value GPS watch. For just $200, the Coros Pace 2 has more features than any other GPS watch at that price point.

Coros Pace 2 Watch Review

Cost: Coros Apex 42 mm: $299.99, Coros Apex 46 mm: $349.99, Coros Pace 2: $199.99

So Which GPS Watch is Better: The Coros Pace 2 or Coros Apex?

As you can see, there are even differences between the Coros Apex 42 mm and Coros Apex 46 mm, but it all comes down to your personal preferences. All Coros watches have great value. If you are a trail or ultra runner, you’ll appreciate the extra features and battery life of the Coros Apex. If you are looking for an inexpensive GPS watch, the Coros Pace 2 is a great value and you won’t get a better one.

Finally something to keep in mind is Coros does have a trade in program. You can trade in ANY GPS watch (not necessarily Coros) and get up to $100 off a new Coros watch. According to Coros, Coros watches are repurpised and made into a demo watch or sample. Other brands are recyles as much as possible.

You can purchase the Coros Apex here and the Coros Pace 2 here.  Plus see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What kind of GPS Watch do you own?

Have you tried the Coros Apex or Coros Pace 2?