WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review

WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review

The WALK-i-TASK is an adjustable desk designed for your treadmill. Many people can relate to working more from home during the Pandemic. I’ve wanted to find a desk that (safely) attaches to my treadmill.

I hate sitting still and was looking for something that I could do work while moving around. Obviously I don’t plan to walk dozens of miles every day. Having movement during my day (that isn’t “a run”) is more enjoyable than sitting and typing away for 8 hours. Plus, moving around helps me stay focused.  That is how I stumbled upon the WALK-i-TASK adjustable desk.

WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review

About the brand: WALK-i-TASK

In 2019, WALK-i-TASK because interested in the idea of exercising while doing things you’d normally do seated. Research shows that sitting too much can take it’s toll both physically and mentally.

They found that sitting too much during the day takes it’s toll mentally and physically. After researching, they discovered there were no realistic desk options for treadmills. They came across dozens of DIY options but nothing safe you could buy,

They wondered: what if they created a solutaiton that is both affordable and height adjustable.

What if “Netflix & Chill” turned into “Netflix & Treadmill”?

So that’ what they did!

About the WALK-i-TASK Desk:

  • Material: Aluminum
  •  Weight: 15lbs
  • Top Platform Dimensions: 23in x 12in

The WALK-i-TASK Features:

  • Height Adjustable
  • Tilts To An Angle
  •  Adjust To Fit Different Treadmill Handrail Widths
  • Secures To Treadmill Handrails with a tightening knob
  • Ventilation To Help Prevent Devices From Overheating
  • Rubber Pad On Top Platform To Rest Your Wrists

WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review

My Experience with WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Treadmill desk:

I was slightly nervous to secure the WALK-i-TASK to my NordicTrack treadmill. Obviously, you want something secure and that you don’t worry will fall when you’re walking. Who wants a desk to fall on their foot or their laptop to break! I can see why creating a treadmill desk was a challenging task.

Luckily the WALK-i-TASK secures easily onto any treadmill, and if I can do it, so can you. It can come off easily as well. That way if I want to just my treadmill to run in the morning and with the WALK-i-TASK later in the day, I’m not spending hours assembling and dissembling it. It claims it can fit any treadmill size. I own a Nordictrack X22i, and I found that the WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk fits the treadmill well. I was skeptical based on how wide the Nordictrack is but the WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk is every bit as adjustable as they claim. The support bars widen or tighten to match the frame of your treadmill and can you lock it into place.

I typically need complete silence and focus to work but I found checking emails and small tasks to be great with the WALK-i-TASK. I typically use it during my lunch break. The WALK-i-TASK fits my MacBook easily and it also feels secure. I hvaen’t had computer overheat or fall off the entire time I’ve used WALK-i-TASK. It does have a weight limit of 9 pounds but I doubt most people are bringing 9 pounds of things onto their treadmill. I was able to hold my laptop, notebook, water bottle, and iPad with no issues on the WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk.

As far as the “adjustable component” of the WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk, you’re able to adjust the desk height to what works for you. The knob is easy to dial for the perfect height for your needs.

In all, I haven’t found any disadvantages to using the WALK-i-TASK adjustable desk. It keeps your laptop from overheating, it feels secure on the treadmill, and you get movement during your day. It does take some time to get used to walking and trying to work, but you might surprise yourself once you do.

WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review


You can purchase the WALK-i-TASK for $179.99. The regular price is $199.99. There isn’t a lot to compare it too (other than treadmills with built-in desks) but it isn’t too pricy for what you get.

WALK-i-TASK Conclusion:

Do I think the WALK-i-TASK is “worth it”?

Absolutely. If you are someone who sits at a desk all day long, adding movement during your day (not too much) can help you be more productive. I really enjoy using the WALK-i-TASK and I’ll continue using it. Obviously the only drawback is needing your own treadmill. I am sure you could bring it to a gym and set up, but that might be slightly awkward.

WALK-i-TASK Adjustable Desk Review

You can save $50 with the discount code “LOLZ50”. You can purchase the WALK-i-TASK here and see all gear reviews here.

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Quesitons for you:

Do you sit at a desk all day? 

Have you tried the WALK-i-TASK? 


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