Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

I started eating Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars when I was on the road A LOT. I put over 2000 miles on my car in December, driving to and from Los Angeles for doctor’s appointments. I got hungry often and found them to be a good snack during the drive. Plus, it saved me from getting off the highway and further delaying my way home. Los Angeles traffic is unforgiving. I digress.

The Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars are designed to be easy on the stomach and focus on natural and whole foods. I’ve used them while driving, hiking, and just snacks on the go.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

A few other Skratch Labs products I’ve tried:

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars Pros:

  • Taste good
  • No artificial ingredients

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars Cons:

  • Expensive

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

About Skratch Labs:

According to the website: “Skratch labs makes sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because they use real food, starting from scratch.”

Skratch Labs began in professional cycling. While working as a sports scientist and coach, Dr. Allen Lim started to make his training food and sports drinks from scratch. He was tired of the artificial ingredients that made many cyclists sick to their stomachs.

His first creation was the “secret drink mix.” He also began diluting sports drinks to lower the sugar concentration while adding extra salt and electrolytes. His “secret drink mix” used a recipe with less sugar, more sodium, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It even used real fruit!

As word got out about the “secret drink mix,” it was clear that there was a demand for it. To meet the demand, Dr. Allen Lim put together a team and created the company Skratch Labs.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

About Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars:

Like other Skratch Labs products, they focus on natural ingredients. They use ingredients such as oats, nut butter, and quinoa flakes. They are also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and GM-free.

Most athletes don’t realize that having artificial and synthetic ingredients can cause stomach issues. Skratch designed the Anytime Energy Bars to sit in the stomach well. They aren’t designed to feel full but give the energy you need.

Each of the Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars is easy to eat. The texture isn’t rough, and you don’t feel like you need a gallon of water to wash them down. They also don’t feel artificial like many bars. Each bar has about 200 calories with 30 grams of carbohydrates, plus with the nuts and nut butter also contain fat and protein.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

Flavors I Tried:

Raspberries and Lemon: I am a fan of anything lemon. The raspberry and lemon is unique flavor, and I love that it isn’t too tart. I expected a tart bar with no sweetener, but this tasted sweet enough. Plus too my surprise, there was a nice crunch of macadamia nuts.

Chocolate Chip and Almond: Who doesn’t love chocolate bars? The Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars chocolate and almond bar tasted good. It wasn’t overpowering, and it is my favorite healthy treat during the day.

Peanut Butter and Strawberries: I anticipated this to taste like a little peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and that is exactly what it tasted like! It uses plant-based ingredients, including nut and seed butter blend, quinoa, sorghum flakes, brown rice crisps, oats, and coconut nectar.

Cherries and Pistachios: Save the best for last? I am a huge cherry fan, so I was excited about this flavor. There aren’t a lot of bars that have a cherry flavor, and I enjoyed that it wasn’t too sweet. The pistachio added a nice crunch.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

Cost: $29.50 for a 12 pack

If you are comparing similar bars, this is roughly the same price as the competition. Is it cheap? No. Are they made from higher quality ingredients and designed for athletes yes.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars Conclusion:

I like the Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars, and I found the cherries and pistachio my favorite flavor. All of them tasted great, and there wasn’t a flavor that I wouldn’t have again. Keep in mind, they are pricy, but if you are looking for a healthy and easy snack on the go, the Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars are an excellent option. Plus, they have probably saved me a good amount of money on gas station stops.

Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars

You can purchase Skratch Labs Anytime Bars Here and See Fuel Reviews Here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars?

What is your favorite snack bar? 


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