Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

I decided to try a few new hydration products, including the Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration. Living in the desert, I’m always looking for new hydration products. I can really tell how much the dryness affects my running, even when it’s cold out. Like many hydration products, the Skratch Labs uses “ORS” or oral rehydration solution” which is certified by the WHO and gets into your bloodstream faster. I didn’t really notice a difference in products on the east coast, but I definitely do in a drier climate out west.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

About Skratch Labs:

According to the website: “Skratch labs makes sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because we use real food, starting from scratch.”

Skratch Labs began in professional cycling. While working as a sports scientist and coach, Dr. Allen Lim started making his own training food and sports drinks from scratch. He was tired of the artificial ingredients that made many cyclists sick to their stomach.

His first creation was the “secret drink mix.” He also began diluting sports drinks to lower the sugar concentration while also adding extra salt and electrolytes. His “secret drink mix” used a recipe with less sugar, more sodium, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It even used real fruit!

As word got out about the “secret drink mix,” it was clear that there was a demand for it. To meet the demand, Dr. Allen Lim put together a team and created the company Skratch Labs.

About Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration:

Like many hydration brands, the Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration uses the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). ORS is one of the fastest ways to consume hydration and is formulated to address nutrient deficiencies.

ORS is based on recommendations developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). It uses clinical levels of electrolytes and zinc for rapid rehydration. Plus, the Wellness Hydration contains real fruit with nothing artificial.

All Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration has 70 calories and are:

  • non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • vegan
  • kosher

Cost: $1.95 for 8

This is definitely on the more pricy side of hydration products.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

My Experience with Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration:

I was excited to try Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration and see how it stacked up to other ORS hydration products, including DripDrop ORS. I wasn’t as excited about the price since it’s significantly more expensive.

I mixed the lemon-lime with water and immediately found it to taste good.

One thing I’ve noticed about lemon flavor anything is that some brands get it too tart. When I do fast efforts I find it sitting in my stomach or throat, and it’s harder to breathe. In fact, I’ve made the mistake of drinking that flavor shortly before a hard effort and found myself struggling to take deep breathes.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

I found the Skratch Labs Lemon-Lime flavor to be tart but not too tart. It was a nice balance of lemon-lime without being overpowering. Thank goodness for that. It mixes fairly easily into an opaque color. I didn’t have an issue with it not dissolving or being gritty.

The lemon-lime flavor The first time I tried was before a run. It sat in my stomach for about 20 minutes before I went out. During my run, I felt good, and nothing felt abnormal or weird. To me, it felt like it “worked,” and I felt noticeably less dehydrated. The next time I tried Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration was during a long trail run. I was drinking on the go, and I felt the hydration hit me. I didn’t feel any stomach issues, and it felt fine. I felt less dehydrated. I am also someone who thrives on a drink mix with calories. The lower calorie mixes have never worked well for me, so I seek out mixes with more.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

So my experience with Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration has been good, and I do feel a noticeable difference.

Finally, you can always tell drink mixes that are made without artificial ingredients, and the Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration is definitely one of them. It didn’t taste like chemicals. It tastes like lemon-lime without being too sweet or too lemony. If you’ve ever tested lemon-lime that is too “lemony” and tried to breathe, it’s rough.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Conclusion:

I do like the Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration, but I also find the price higher than most comparable brands. If you are someone who thrives on a drink mix with calories, then it’s one of the better options out there.

Is it great? Yes. Does it do it’s job? Yes. Is it also very expensive? Yes. If you are ok with the price tag, then Wellness Hydration is a good option.

Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration Review

You can purchase Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration here and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Skratch Labs Wellness Hydration?

What is your favorite hydration product?