Thursday Thoughts

This week has gone by so quickly. Does anyone else feel like when you have a lot to do, the week flies by? Every week we get a little bit further into summer. I feel like in the blink of an eye summer will be gone!

Anyways this post is all over the place like Thursdays normally are…but no surprise there.

About a year ago I broke my favorite glasses.  I have been needing a new pair but it got lost in the cracks of things to do.  I was really excited when Firmoo contacted me to review a pair of eyeglasses.  I was really excited that the timing worked out really well. I needed new glasses and a glasses company contacted me to review their product. Winning!

The firmoo website is really easy to use. I uploaded my doctors prescription and ordered a pair.  I was nervous because obviously I didn’t try them on before ordering them. Once they came in, I loved them. I went with something a little bit more fashion forward and that I would wear in public.  I used to wear my glasses frequently so I’m excited to do that again!

It took about 7 days from ordering to receiving. That’s normally the same time as being fitted in store. I’m really impressed.  The glasses are really nice and I’ve gotten a few compliments.  Plus they aren’t expensive (with prescription it’s about 100 dollars).  Firmoo sent me the first pair for free but I’ll probably order a second pair.  In cliff notes, I am really glad I was given this opportunity and I love my glasses.  I recommend them if you are in the market for new ones (or like their frames because you can get them without prescription).

me glassesOh and these are the ones I chose!


Moving on…My Confession of the week: I’ve become a smoothier.  Laura got us a Nutribullet for our wedding and ever since then I find myself making smoothies.  I’ve only ventured into using it for smoothies (I know there are so many other cool things to make with it!)

A smoothie hiding in the window  -artsy

A blueberry smoothie hiding in the window

Yesterday I went to Target to get spinach and milk.  A summertime trash can, printed party pants, some other random household baskets and mattress pad later…I come home.  I did get the spinach and milk but I’m a cliche Target shopper.

target shopping

Continuing with this post with no “flow”: Today I get to meet up with Mike and Allison.  This is a really exciting day.  They both are the creators of the fit frame app.   They are traveling from Europe to the US and stopped in NYC.  Since NYC is only a couple hours from me we decided to meet a diner.  So classy!  I’ve been waiting for this all month LOL.

Is this already the last week of May?  May felt like I was playing catch up from being gone so hopefully June will be a little less busy.

As you can see my mind is all over the place this week. I keep saying next week will be less busy but I’m starting to feel like there is always something popping up. I don’t mind though because I truly enjoy my life, job, running, friends and everything in between.

Questions for you: 

Do you wear glasses or contacts? 

Do you have any recipes to make in a nutribullet? 

Tell me something random about your week.


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