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Netic Health

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Netic Health. While I’m not injured, I’ve had tight IT bands. I believe it came from the banked roads in the Napa Valley. The roads in Napa Valley are more banked than anywhere else I’ve run. Left untreated simple tight IT bands; could very well become an injury.

When the owners of Netic Health Mathias and Louis reached out to me, I was excited to try it. Most runners have seen a PT at some point. This could be due to injury or maintenance to stay healthy for a race. Who doesn’t want to be healthy?

Netic Health

First, what is Netic Health?

Netic Health is an online physical therapy program. It’s PT for runners, by runners”.

Netic Health

As many people and runners know, booking an appointment and making the time for physical therapy is time-consuming. It can also be hard to find a PT program that knows runners and athletes. With Netic Health, you don’t need to worry about that. They know runners and aren’t blindly going to tell you “not to run.” They will create a smart plan to help you get healthy and stay injury-free. Plus, you take out commuting anywhere.

While many runners benefit most from physical therapy when injured, you can also benefit from PT to stay healthy, especially if training for a goal race. You can learn more about Netic Helth here.

Netic Health
Making an appointment is easy

Right now, they have their first month FREE!

Which includes:

  • 1 visit
  • 24/7 chat-based care
  • 1 running-form analysis

About Insurance:

While you don’t need insurance, if you hope insurance will pay, Netic Health can check on this. The same with if you need a referral. If you aren’t using insurance, you can easily book an appointment.

Why even choose online PT?

A concern I had with online PT was, is only PT as good as in-person PT? The short answer is yes!

One reason I’ve REALLY been enjoying Netic Health is the ability to get PT without driving somewhere. I live in the middle of nowhere. For me to get professional PT help, I would probably have to drive into Los Angeles County. With traffic, that can be 2 hours one way. Right now, that would mean dedicating an entire day just for a 1-hour appointment.

Netic Health
Susan had me go through a series of movements to see where my weaknesses were

My experience with Netic Health:

Signing up and booking an appointment was easy. My meeting was with Susan. Susan is an incredible athlete and completed ultramarathon events, the Boston Marathon, and even Ironman Kona! She understands runners! Not only is she an athlete herself but a professional. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah in 2004.

Netic Health

About the Appointment:

She gave me a list of open times, and I just chose the best for me. The appointment itself used a program like Zoom. It was straightforward to log into it, and Susan was able to see exactly what she needed.

The appointment was roughly an hour long. We went through several mobility exercises and movements to see how my body responded and my movement pattern. Susan was able to see why my IT bands were so tight, and now it affected the rest of my body. She immediately noticed my hips were tight. Even though the computer screen!

The next day after my appointment, she gave me a list of exercises to do and the frequency to do them.

I began doing them as instructed. After about 2 weeks, I noticed a big difference in less sore IT bands and overall feeling better.

Netic Health

Follow Up Appointment Information (7/21):

Susan did similar exercises and drills at the follow-up appointment to see how my IT bands were progressing. While it’s hard to look at “each day” and see improvement, I was able to notice a big difference between the two appoints and so was she! Plus, I feel better running.

So why Use Netic Health?

  • No travel. Since you can connect with your PT anywhere with a computer, you don’t need to worry about commuting. This is especially helpful if you live far away.
  • Netic Health employs Professionals: You know you are going to see a physical therapy professional. They are knowledgeable and have degrees.
  • Inexpensive: Plus, the first month is free. That is cheaper than any other PT program I’ve seen.

Netic Health

Thank you, Netic Health, for connecting. You can learn more and book your appointment here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried PT before?

Have you heard of Netic Health?


  1. This post is really informative, I love that this option is offered online.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this before. I will have to look into this since I do try to jog daily.

    1. It’s nice not to travel anywhere but your home to get looked at Tara!

  3. That was really a great and convenient service. With or without pandemic I think it’s great to have options like this.

    1. I completely agree Ivan! I had no idea that was even a possibility!

  4. I love the idea of online physical therapy. some of these programs you can do them from home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is great to know. I didn’t know they had online physical therapy. This is really wonderful.

  6. That’s really good and useful. It’s great that you can do it online and don’t have to drive anywhere.

  7. Oh, I’ve been missing my physical therapy sessions since the pandemic started last year. I need to check this, thanks!

    1. I agree and honestly at any time now. It’s nice to just save time!

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