Heaven on Earth Bakery (Azalea, Oregon)

Heaven on Earth Bakery (Azalea, Oregon) cinnamon cun

The Heaven on Earth Bakery in Azalea, Oregon, is located right off I-5. While it doesn’t have diner in the name, it has all of the characteristics of a local mom-and-pop diner. They’ve been around since 1974, so they have definitely stood the test of time.

Truthfully on my drive north, I was looking forward to Heaven on Earth Bakery. Why? They are known for “the best cinnamon rolls ever.” My spouse and I have huge sweet tooths, and shortly after, our favorite cake, fall cinnamon rolls. So it seemed natural to make a detour to the Heaven on Earth Bakery.

Heaven on Earth Bakery (Azalea, Oregon)

Heaven on Earth Bakery Atmosphere: A
The Heaven on Earth Bakery is located right on the side of the highway. You take the exit and no more than half a mile you stumble upon it. The outside is like a log cabin, while inside has the old rustic vibes of a local mom and pop diner. I love the log cabin look for every restaurant and house.

The exterior has letters that say “Heaven on Earth Bakery, the best cinnamon rolls”. There is plenty of parking on both sides and it does look like it fills up. While I struggle with thinking anywhere has “the best” and I’ve been to dozens of diners claiming to be “the best” at something, I do like the idea of a restaurant claiming it because that means they believe they work hard at whatever they are the best in. It also means they take pride in it.

Heaven on Earth Bakery (Azalea, Oregon)

Inside the Heaven on Earth Bakery is an entire restaurant and store. When you walk in, you are immediately greeted with take-out dessert options like their famous cinnamon rolls, pie, pastries, and cake. If you just want dessert, you don’t need to walk more than 5 feet into the restaurant to purchase it. They also sell several different jams and jellies, as well as merchandise. You don’t even need to go into the actual restaurant portion to get dessert or merchandise.

When you walk in further, you get to the actual restaurant where they have a full dining area like any other diner. It has plenty of seating with booths and tables and outdated curtains.

Heaven on Earth Bakery Food: A

I had one mission at Heaven on Earth Bakery and that was to stop for the cinnamon roll. It was the middle of the day and I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t need a full meal. I wish the timing had worked out better because the Heaven on Earth Bakery has an entire sit-in restaurant with plenty of options like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can find the entire Heaven on Earth menu here.

I grabbed the cinnamon roll that looked like it had the most frosting and it was still warm. If you know me, you know I like frosting as much as the actual dessert (if not more). My mentality is the more frosting, the better.

I ate my cinnamon roll later that day when we arrived at our destination and it was great. Even as a to-go cinnamon roll, I was highly impressed with how well it was baked. The inside was soft but the outside was crunchy. It was cooked perfectly. It was extremely tasty and could be two meals in itself (not for me though).

The hostess was extremely friendly and chatted with us for a little while. We were not the only people in there but she made it feel like we were. I haven’t had great service like that in a while, let alone for a simple cinnamon roll order.

Heaven on Earth Bakery (Azalea, Oregon) cinnamon cun

Heaven on Earth Bakery Cost: $$
For the Heaven on Earth Bakery cinnamon roll, the cost was $6.99. It’s definitely a more expensive cinnamon roll, but it could be two meals or desserts for someone. (That someone is not me, though).

Heaven on Earth Bakery Conclusion/Would I Come Back?
Are the Heaven on Earth Bakery cinnamon rolls the best? I don’t have an answer, but they are extremely good and worth the stop. They are in the top 5 cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. I would make a stop every time I drove by, and next time, I hope to grab a bite to eat as well.

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Questions for you:
Have you ever been to Heaven on Earth Bakery? What is your favorite cinnamon roll?
What is your favorite dessert?