Things Worse Than Not Running

Things Worse Than Not Running

Ask any runner what are things worse than not running. They’ll probably tell you nothing, and not running is the worst. Whether you are injured, taking a break, or busy with life, there are plenty of things worse than not running.

First, don’t lose your perspective (duh). Running is running and will always be there…if you let it. If you overtrain or burn your candle at too many ends, then it won’t be.

Things Worse Than Not Running

So What are a Few Things Worse Than Not Running?

  • Folding laundry. Seriously can it stay in the dryer forever?
  • Doing Dishes: Speaking of chores, I hate doing dishes.
  • The Dating Scene: Yes, I’ve been out for a while, but I’ve heard enough horror stories. Anything dating related is worse than not running.
  • Conversations About Politics: and the last 4 years brought more than ever.
  • Internet Arguments: Seriously, which is worse, Facebook or Twitter?
  • Losing Cell Phone Service: How can we stay entertained without phones these days?
  • Being Stuck Behind Someone Going 10 under in the Left-Hand Lane. The left is for passing. Say it with me now.
  • Being Stuck Behind Someone Not Using Turn Signals: Stop driving like a bafoon and use your turn signal.
  • Ripping Your Swim Cap: If your hair is long and you don’t have a swim cap, you’re going to have a bad time.
  • Anything at the Dentist: Enough said, anything at the dentist is worse than not running.
  • Getting to your destination only to forget your mask. Ugh, can this be over too?
  • Doing your taxes: It’s coming up…so don’t forget.
  • Anything at the DMV: If 2020 gave us anything, it was a lot of not doing that.
  • Giving Your Cat a Bath: I just had to do this recently, so it’s nice and fresh in my mind.
  • Paying for Adult Stuff: Is it just me, or is paying for shampoo, cleaning supplies, and other misc stuff actually the worst.
  • Stubbing your pinky toe: Ouch.
  • Airport Delays: Just kidding, I miss traveling.

So yes, there are plenty of things worse than not running. Funny or not, they are there.

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Questions for you:

What are some things worse than not running?

What is the longest time you’ve spent not running? 



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