Sonoma Valley Regional Park

Sonoma Valley Regional Park

Recently I ran at Sonoma Valley Regional Park. I wasn’t originally planning to run at the park, but another park was closed, and I saw this along the way.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park

Sonoma Valley Regional Park is a great park for anyone of any age. It’s just over 200 acres with several miles of trails, including paved trails, unpaved, and views of the entire Sonoma County. When I was there, I truly saw every one of every age, including families and older couples, walking and enjoying the views. According to the website, the spring has several flowers, including poppies!

Sonoma Valley Regional Park

What is there to do at Sonoma Valley Regional Park?

The regional park has everything for everyone. It’s not an “avid trail runner or hiker park,” and it actually reminds me a lot of Woodward Park in Fresno.  If you are looking for a casual park to run with a mixture of paved trails, dirt trails, and plenty of views, it’s a good stop. It’s also located near the more technical Jack London Historical Park, which features more grueling trails.

  • Biking
  • Birding
  • Dog Park
  • Equestrian Trails
  • Running, Hiking & Walking Trails
  • Picnic Area

Trails at Sonoma Valley Regional Park:

  • Valley of the Moon Trail: This is the main trail at Sonoma Valley Regional Park. It’s a 1.2-mile paved path and runs through the center of the park. There are a few inclines and declines, but it’s also ADA-accessible with picnic spots and benches along the path.
  • Woodland Star Trail: This connects from the Moon Trail’s Valley and is 1.15 miles long on more technical terrain.
  • Cougar Trail is 1.5 miles long and has some of the best views of Sonoma County. Valley of the Moon Trail: 1.3 miles
Sonoma Valley Regional Park
Gorgeous views

You’ll find plenty of Several smaller trails, including Black Canyon Creek Trail, West and East Sutton Lake Trail, and Sonoma Valley Trail. (The full list and park map can be found here). They all are less than half a mile long and start from the Moon Trail Valley and climb to several ridges. I ran about 7 miles through Sonoma Valley Regional Park. There are plenty of technical parts, and I took a nasty spill (but it was fine).

Finally, Sonoma Valley Regional Park plays an important piece in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor. As protected lands, it allows animals a safe crossing on the valley floor!

Sonoma Valley Regional Park

My experience at Sonoma Valley Regional Park was (relatively) good, minus my clumsy fall. I really enjoy the park and all of the views of the surrounding county. If you’re in Sonoma County for any amount of time, I highly suggest it. Or if you want to come out from the Bay Area! I look forward to coming back and not falling again.

Sonoma Valley Regional Park

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Questions for you:

What is the last regional park you’ve been to?

Have you taken a fall while running? 

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