Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael)

Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) cinnamon rollMiracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) cinnamon roll

Recently I was in San Rafael and decided to stop at the Miracle Mile Cafe. The Miracle Mile Cafe is a local cafe/diner that serves breakfast and lunch. They are well known organic ingredients, organic coffee, and local ingredients such as cage-free eggs from Uncle Eddie’s Petaluma Farm. Plus, it was voted the best gluten-free menu option in Marin County as well.

Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael)

Miracle Mile Cafe Atmosphere: A
At the Miracle Mile Cafe, you can eat indoors or outdoors, and they have plenty of outdoor seating. Parking can be a nightmare since there are only a few spots in the lot. If all of the spots are taken, you have to do a three point turn to get out of the lot.

Outdoors the tables were spaced out appropriately, and I watched as staff kept everything clean. Plus, everyone was wearing masks.

There is hand sanitizer everywhere, and the entire restaurant feels and looks clean. You feel safe they are taking COVID precautions.

Miracle Mile Cafe Coffee: B
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh, and there wasn’t anything unique or unusual about it. That seems to be a trend lately.

Miracle Mile Cafe Food: B
The Miracle Mile Cafe menu has plenty of options, including cinnamon roll pancakes, eggs, and toast, and all of the breakfast staples. It also has plenty of fun and unique lunch options, including quinoa veggie soup, organic deluxe chicken sandwich, and veggie burgers. I appreciate all of the healthy choices. If you are looking for a relatively healthy diner/classic cafe, the Miracle Mile menu has many options, and you can see the full menu here.

Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) sandwich

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for and decided to go with the Wild West Sandwich. It came with chicken breast, bacon, jack cheese, on a soft roll with french fries. It tasted great, and I will say the roll was one of my more favorite rolls I’ve had recently. The french fries were nothing out of the ordinary but tasted good too. In all, it was good.

Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) sandwich

Miracle Mile Cafe Desert: B
I decided to order a cinnamon roll because they were at the front and calling my name. The cinnamon roll was good but could have used more frosting. I know the Miracle Mile Cafe is known for the cinnamon roll pancakes, so I would be curious to try those too.

Miracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) cinnamon rollMiracle Mile Cafe (San Rafael) cinnamon roll

Service: C

This was disappointing. I ordered take out and over the phone, the host said it would be 10 minutes. I got there about 15 minutes later and waited another 15 minutes. The hostess was friendly, but I wasn’t given a reason it took much longer than anticipated.

Cost: $
For my sandwich, coffee, and cinnamon roll, it was $25.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I liked the Miracle Mile Cafe in San Rafael, and it was a good stop. I definitely want to go back and try their cinnamon roll pancakes at some point. It looked and felt like it took COVID precautions seriously, so I would be ok with eating outdoors there. Next time I’ll probably just park on street to avoid the parking lot.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Dessert: B
Service: C
Cost: $12-20
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of pancake?
Do you like cinnamon rolls?