ReflecToes Review

ReflecToes Review

As most people know, it’s getting lighter later. These days, I almost always start running in the dark, which is where ReflecToes come in handy. ReflecToes Review

First, What are ReflecToes Sport Socks?

ReflecToes are Hi-Viz sports socks that use modern HTL technology to reflect light. What does that mean? They have reflective pieces to help drivers see you in the dark. The sock is a crew length and comes up just above the ankle. There are reflection pieces built in the top sock, make it easy for drivers to see you. The reflection pieces circle the sock’s upper, so they aren’t just in the front or back.

ReflecToes Socks Review

Here are a Few Features of ReflecToes:

  • Heat Venting Mesh
  • Moisture Wicking Yarn and Mesh Knit on the top of the foot to allow heat to escape and keep your feet cool.
  • Arch Support: ReflecToes has knit ribbing to support your arches
  • Heel Locking Design so your socks don’t move around.
  • Lightweight: If you prefer a lighter but cushioned sock, ReflecToes fits the bill.

My Experience with ReflecToes Sport Socks:

Since it’s been getting light later,  I’m always looking to try new products to keep safe and well lit. For me, ReflecToes is not the only product use, and I also use a light to stay well lit up. My mentality is the: the more drivers can see me, the better.

ReflecToes does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It reflects light so drivers can see you better. The material is comfortable and doesn’t bunch up, and I didn’t get any chafing or blisters with the socks. They are just good and comfortable socks that I would wear if I needed a good pair of socks.

ReflecToes Socks Review

ReflecToes Gloves:

I also decided to try the ReflecToes gloves because I needed a new pair of lightweight gloves.

According to ReflecToes, the gloves have an “anti-slip silicone rubber design with padded palms and capacitive touch technology for smartphone use.” Basically, the upper of the glove is a breathable but reflective piece, while the palm can be used with technology.

ReflecToes Gloves Review

I didn’t get too hot, and even if my hands sweat, I found it to stay breathable. For me, the best temperature of use is around 40 degrees. I prefer something warmer for colder days. The technology grips on the underside to use your phone is a nice bonus, especially if you want to use them for just walking around. I was able to use my phone when needed, with no issues.

ReflecToes Gloves Review

In all, I’m happy with both, and if you’re looking for an easy way to stay even more lit up during a run, I highly suggest ReflecToes socks and gloves. ReflecToes also has many other products, including vests, stickers, and shoe covers, and if they are like their gloves and socks, they probably do exactly what they claim.

ReflecToes Gloves Review

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Questions for you:

Do you run in the dark?

How do you stay safe?