Hiking Slacker Hill Trail (Marin Headlands)

Hiking the Slacker Hill Trail in the Marin Headlands is anything but that. The trail is 1 mile out and back that climbs 330 feet in .5.  Why even do a mile hike? Seriously though, you won’t be disappointed and will be challenged.

Slacker Hill Trail Marin Headlands

The Slacker Hill Trail gives you one of the most beautiful views of San Francisco, the bay area, and the Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day, you might even be able to see Rodeo Valley, Mount Tam, and Mount Diablo.

Marin Headlands

If you aren’t an avid hiker or want a small add on to your hike, it’s perfect. Keep in mind that the name is ironic, or maybe you’re just a slacker for doing a mile. Either way, Slacker Hill Trail is not quite for slackers.

Slacker Hill Trail Marin Headlands

If you’ve never been to the Marin Headlands:

The Marin Headlands is just north of San Francisco and is rich in history and biological diversity. It has been home to many cultures, including Miwok Indians to the American Military.  There are plenty of trails, including the Slacker Hill Trail and even ultra races that happen in the Marin Headlands. If you’re looking for a challenging spot to run, hike, or bike, the Marin Headlands are perfect. Even driving through, you’ll get beautiful views of the Bay Area. You can learn more here.

Marin Headlands San Francisco
From my trip last time to the Marin Headlands.

About the Slacker Hill Trail:

  • It’s .5 to the top and .5 back.
  • Climbs 330 feet in the .1 and it steep (wear decent shoes)
  • All gravel

Slacker Hill Trail Marin Headlands

The trail itself is short, and there isn’t a lot to say (unlike last time I was at Marin Headlands). If you are looking for a short hike, a beautiful view, or a way to be active while visiting San Franciso, the Slacker Hill Trail is perfect.

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Fun to check out some clean air.

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Questions for you:

Have you been to the Slacker Hill Trail in the Marin Headlands?

What is the beautiful trail you’ve done?