Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

Muir Energy Gels and Nutrition are fairly new to the running world and endurance nutrition world. They are unique in that they use exclusively real food and mineral-rich ingredients.  This also means Muir Energy Gels are easy to metabolize and easy on the stomach, so hopefully there are minimal to no GI issues.

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

The founder, Ian, was hiking on the John Muir Trail and founded Muir energy. He wanted simple food that tasted good, calorically and nutritionally dense, and made exclusively with real ingredients. We know many energy gels are pure sugar and he wanted something made with real ingredients. Another important feature to Ian was having an energy gel he could eat straight, add to oatmeal, or even spread on a cracker. So that’s how he founded Muir Energy.

How cool is that?

Finally, Muir Energy Gels are vegan, organic, non-GMO, paleo, and gluten-free. So if you have dietary restrictions, Muir Energy Gels are well suited for it.

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

What makes Muir Energy Gels Different?

Short answer: A lot…

Longer Answer:

Muir Energy Gels use 3-6 ingredients and are derived from nature, not in a lab.  All of the ingredients are natural and familiar, like fruit, salt, or cacao.  There is nothing weird.  Muir Energy Gels are also broken up into fast burning gels and slow-burning gels. Not many endurance nutrition is broken up like that.  Which now, thinking about it is strange. Ultra races require different fueling strategies than marathons.

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

So what is the Difference Between the Muir Energy Gels?

Slow Burning Gels:

The Muir Energy Slow Burning products are made with raw nut and seed butters. Like the name suggests, these energy gels metabolize slower and are best for longer endurance events. There is more healthy fat (from nut butters) as well as protein in the slower burning gels.

Fast Burning Gels:

The Muir Energy Fast Burning products are made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Since they are made from simple sugars, they metabolize quickly.  Combined with the low glycemic electrolyte base, they are a fast fuel for shorter events. Like the name suggest: They burn fast.

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning

Does Having These Different Types of Gels Work?

I think it’s a good idea. As endurance athletes, we need different types of fuel. An ultrarunner is going to need longer, more sustained fuel. A marathon runner is going to need shorter, fast fuel. It’s a great idea.

I’ve personally found I like adding the slow-burning gels on toast in the morning before a run. During the summer weather and intense training, the fast-burning energy gels get the fuel fast.

Here is an easy chart on the differences between Muir Energy Gels:

Muir Energy Gels: Slow Burning vs Fast Burning


An Important Feature:

How do Muir Energy Gels taste?

No energy gel is going to taste amazing. They aren’t designed to best-tasting thing ever; they are intended for fueling. That being said, I think of any energy gel I’ve tried, Muir tastes the best. You can tell Muir Energy is made from real ingredients. The slow-burning gels, especially taste natural and not like a chemical. I top toast with them and can’t taste the difference between almond butter of the almond butter.  None of the flavors taste bad, and my personal favorite is the slow-burning cashew vanilla.

If you have a sensitive stomach or are looking for whole foods, I highly suggest Muir Energy, I’m impressed.

If you are looking for an energy gel made with natural ingredients (even if you aren’t), Muir Energy Gels are a great energy gel to look into. I am a huge fan of a slow-burning gel in the morning with breakfast or before a longer run.


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