Townsquare Diner (Wharton)

Townsquare diner Wharton stirfry

Townsquare Diner (Wharton)
Recently I was in North Jersey and decided to stop at the Townsquare Diner. This isn’t to be confused with the Town Square Diner in Aberdeen. When I arrived around dinner time, it wasn’t busy and we were quickly seated.

Townsquare diner Wharton

Townsquare Diner (Wharton) Atmosphere: B
The Townsquare Diner is located on the main road and a big building. It’s not a shiny or metallic building but a regular looking restaurant building.Townsquare diner Wharton

The inside of the Townsquare Diner has plenty of seating, a full-length bar, and tables, and booths. We sat in a corner booth with strange neverending mirrors so you could stare at yourself all meal long.

Townsquare Diner (Wharton) Coffee: A
The coffee at the Townsquare Diner was good. It was brewed hot and fresh and the waitress kept it refilled often.

Townsquare diner Wharton coffee

Townsquare Diner (Wharton) Food: C
The Townsquare Diner menu is enormous and has everything and anything you could want in a diner. It took a while for me to decide what I wanted. The Townsquare Diner drink menu is also one of the biggest I’ve seen. In fact, it’s probably bigger than the majority of bars I’ve been too.  A few things the menu at the Townsquare Diner is known for include onion rings, gluten free menu, greek salad, breakfast meals, and their business power lunches.

Townsquare diner Wharton meze platter

For an appetizer, I decided to order the Meze Platter and I was thoroughly disappointed. It was bland and boring and had nothing unique or exciting about it.

For my entree, I ordered the stir fry, which came with mixed vegetables, including corn and cauliflower. Plus a nice serving of rice. The entre itself was excellent and I would order it again, but the Meze platter was bland and boring.

Townsquare diner Wharton stirfry

Townsquare Diner (Wharton) Service: B

Our waitress at the Townsquare Diner was great and I couldn’t say enough good things about her.  Her good service kept the Townsquare Diner from receiving an F. However, the food took a long time to come out with no explanation of why. It took roughly 30 minutes for our Meze platter to come out and there was nothing cooked with it. It was just thrown onto the plate.

Townsquare Diner (Wharton) Price: $12-23
For my coffee, meze platter, and entree, it was $26.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come back to the Townsquare Diner (Wharton)?
The Townsquare Diner wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t the worst diner stop ever, but I would need a reason to come back. It’s a stereotypical Jersey Diner along Route I-80.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: C
Serice: B
Price: $12-23
Overall: B

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