Spa Diner (Hoboken)

Spa Diner (Hoboken) pancakes

Spa Diner (Hoboken)

Recently I found myself in Hoboken, NJ. I haven’t been to Hoboken in a while so it was fun to come back. In 2011, my family stopped in Hoboken to check out Carlos Bakery. Carlos Bakery has multiple locations in NJ, including Marlton in South Jersey.

Spa Diner (Hoboken)

Spa Diner Atmosphere: B
The Spa Diner is an unassuming diner located in Hoboken. If you didn’t know any better, you would walk by. It’s open 24 hours.  The inside of the Spa Diner is small and has about 30 seats total, including several booths, tables, and bar space. I almost sat at the bar but opted for a booth instead.

Spa Diner Coffee: C
The Spa Diner coffee was bland and boring. There wasn’t anything unique or interesting about it and I never received refills. It was drinkable, but it was the stereotypical diner coffee, you think about in the movies.

Spa Diner (Hoboken) coffee

Spa Diner Food: C
The Spa Diner menu has all of the regular diner usuals. There is an all-day breakfast, pancakes, omelets, several salads, as well as sandwiches. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. After deciding pancakes, I went for the strawberry pancakes with whipped cream.

Spa Diner (Hoboken) pancakes

First, the waitress brought out the syrup. Then several minutes later, she brought out strawberries. Finally, after a while, the pancakes with the whipped cream came out. I expected the pancake to have the strawberries in them. They were just regular pancakes and a plate of strawberries. The pancakes themselves were fine, but there was nothing unique or unusual about them.

Spa Diner Service: D
I was disappointed with the Spa Diner service. While both waitresses were nice, it took a long time to take my order as well as get my food, and pay. I

Spa Diner Cost: $
For my pancakes and coffee, it was $10.25.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Spa Diner?

I didn’t dislike the Spa Diner, but it wasn’t my favorite diner I’ve been too. I would go to other diners before coming back to the Spa Diner.  If you are looking for a no frills, stereotypical diner, the Spa Diner is it.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: C
Food: C
Service: D
Price: $8-13
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
Would you expect the strawberries to be in the pancakes?
Have you been to Hoboken before?