The Pit Stop Diner (Oceanside, CA)

Pit Stop Diner Oceanside California

The Pitstop Diner (Oceanside, CA)

While in California, I knew I wanted to get to a new diner. I’ve already been to both the Studio Diner as well as my very first diner ever: The Corvette Diner (I was born in San Diego, and my dad would always take us there).  Anyway!

We weren’t going as south as San Diego, so it made it fairly easy to find a new diner.  I found the Pit Stop Diner in Oceanside.

Pit Stop Diner Oceanside California

The Pits Stop Diner Atmosphere: A
On the outside, the Pit Stop Diner appears to be a “regular” nice restaurant.  It’s clean, modern, and fits the look of the plaza.

Pit Stop Diner Oceanside California

On the inside, however, it’s more diner than you know how to get ahold of?  (After over 300 diner visits, I guess I can use diner as a verb?). The Pit Stop Diner has every license plate, car part, and even a full car inside. Of any inside, it’s definitely one of my favorite atmospheres.

Pits Stop Diner Service: A
Instead of being seated and picking from a Pits Stop Diner menu at your seat, you stand at the front, order, and go sit down. I’ve actually never been to a diner like this, and it was a great experience. The hostess/cashier was friendly and funny, and the food came out quickly.

Pits Stop Diner Coffee: B
Since you ordered at the front, the Pit Stop Diner gave you your own refillable cup to the coffee. They actually didn’t have whipped cream, but the fact I could refill my coffee at my choosing and with a large to go cup), was a huge perk for me.

Pit Stop Diner Oceanside California

The Pit Stop Diner has every type of food you can imagine.  One thing I appreciated was breakfast and lunch all day.  If you want a huge burger at 8 is, go for it!  Omelet for dinner, go for it!

Pit Stop Diner Oceanside California

At the Pits Stop Diner, I decided to order the Steak and Eggs. It came with toast, steak, and eggs. I ordered over medium eggs.  My meal was huge, and everything was cooked well.  It’s one of the better steak and eggs I’ve had in a while.  I would order it again.

Pits Stop Diner Cost: $
For my meal and coffee at the Pits Stop Diner, the cost was $18.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Pits Stop Diner?
I liked the Pit Stop Diner, and it’s one of the better diners I’ve been too overall. I would go back.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Pits Stop Diner Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is the best atmosphere of a restaurant you’ve been too?
Favorite state license plate?

After staring at 10,000 during my meal, I’ve come to terms I like the simplicity of Texas, Hawaii, and NYS (Yes, I know most people hate New York…most people hate my fashion too 😉


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