Linden House Diner & Grill

Linden House Diner & Grill (Linden)

Recently I was at the Linden House Diner & Grill in Linden, NJ. I was hungry so decided to stop.

Linden House Diner & Grill Atmosphere: B
The Linden House Diner & Grill is different from many diners. It’s a small, local, diner. There are plenty of cute little coffee designs on the wall.  It almost reminds me more of a bistro versus a diner.  It’s a locals place, and I enjoyed that vibe.

Linden House Diner and Grill

Linden House Diner & Grill Coffee: A
The waitress brought plenty of refills.  She brewed a fresh pot and made sure drinks were always refilled.

Linden House Diner and Grill

Linden House Diner & Grill Food: A
The Linden House Diner & Grill menu is not as big as all diners, but there are still plenty of options.  There were breakfast, lunch, and dinner options but not a 100-page menu like many diners.  It has a reasonable menu.

Linden House Diner and Grill

I had no idea what I wanted but ended up ordering a burger. I can’t remember the exact name of the burger, but it was topped with bacon and cheese. In all, it was a surprisingly good burger.  The sweet potato fries were one of the best I’ve had in a long time!  Nothing crazy to write home about but a good burger and I have no complaints.

Linden House Diner & Grill Service: A
The waitress was very friendly and kept our beverages refilled.  She always made sure we had everything we needed.  One thing I also enjoyed is it was clear the staff was all friends.  They would chat about random things and all got along.  It’s always nice to see that!  To top it off, our food came out quickly.

Linden House Diner & Grill Cost: $
For my burger and coffee, the cost was $14.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Linden House Diner & Grill?
I was pleasantly surprised with the Linden House Diner % Grill, and it was a nice surprise.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Price: $8-14
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like burgers? What is your favorite?
What is the last surprise you’ve had at a restaurant?