Exploring the Maurice River Bluffs

Recently, I was down in the Vineland and Millville, New Jersey area.  I’ve always wanted to check out the Maurice River Bluffs, and it seemed like a good day to do so.  There are several great spots in Cumberland County and South Jersey. There are a couple of trails down there! Unfortunately, with the weather we’ve had the last couple of months, part of the trails were closed due to flooding.

That is okay, and I still had a relaxing time just exploring the Maurice River Bluffs and Nature Preserve.  I stayed on trails and followed the detour route that is currently in place, but it’s not the same route you’ll find online. The hiking trails and trail system is good and well marked. There are plenty of trails from the red trail, to yellow trails, blue trails, white trail, orange trail, and even the detour and alternate blue. The Maurice River Bluff trails are all well marked so it’s hard to get lost.

I believe I explored about 3 miles worth of the park.  I was able to make it to the actual Maurice River Bluffs, so I felt accomplished.  Tick season is among us, and along with just everyday safety, I like to stay on trails and not make my own.  Most of the path is pine needles and then along the bluffs is a beautiful sandy marsh.

The parking lot is small, and I don’t know how crowded the park can get.  There was plenty of parking when I went, but as mentioned I’m unsure how busy it can be.  When I arrived, I heard loud music playing.  To be honest, for about 5 minutes I thought there was a festival going on inside the park.  I’m not exaggerating at all!  When I walked up to the front, I realized it was coming from someone’s car.

The start at the Nature Conservancy:

maurice river bluffs nj

Most of the trail is pines.

maurice river bluffs nj

An abandoned building along the trail.  It was pretty cool as most of the building is gone and you can see nearly to the foundation.

maurice river bluffs nj

maurice river bluffs nj

Looking to the Maurice River Bluffs!

maurice river bluffs nj

Gorgeous view along the Maurice River Bluffs that I had no idea existed around there.  There is a floating dock and bird blind that you can see bald eagles.maurice river bluffs nj

In all, it was a fun little walk in the Maurice River Bluffs in Cumberland County. I enjoy exploring new parts of NJ, and this spring and summer have been great for that! If you are looking for a short hike with family or to even use their picnic tables, this is a fun spot.

I have been enjoying the peace of hiking and walking through the Spring and now summer.  I’m hopefully looking forward to continuing through the rest of the season.

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Questions for you:

Have you ever been to the Maurice River Bluffs?

Do you live in an area with a lot of ticks?

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  1. We have lots of ticks in MN. I’ve found pre treating your clothes with permethrin very effective in helping keep them off of you.

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