Rustic Mill Diner (Cranford)

Rustic Mill Diner (Cranford, NJ)

Recently my good friend and website owner, Cyd, went to the Rustic Mill Diner in Cranford, NJ.  I had never been to Cranford before, and truth be told I had it confused with “Cranbury” which is about 30 minutes away.  No big deal as I still made it there in time.

Downtown Cranford, is cute.  It’s walkable with lots of parking.  It reminds me of a lot of Soth Jersey downtowns.  The Rustic Mill Diner is located on the outskirts with plenty of parking.

Rustic mill diner cranford

Rustic Mill Diner Atmosphere: B
The Rustic Mill Diner looks like any other diner.  While the Rustic Mill Diner is not a big, metallic, shiny, diner, it does have plenty of space and it clean and modern.  The inside is a little bit outdated and has a lot of “empty space.”  For instance, most of the bakery case was empty.  As a dessert lover, I do enjoy the visual appeal of cake!

Rustic Mill Diner Coffee: C
I found the coffee at the Rustic Mill Diner to be lackluster.  While it was warm, I could have used plenty more refills.  What did save the coffee was the amount of whipped cream the waitress added.

Rustic mill diner cranford

Rustic Mill Diner Food: C
The Rustic Mill Diner menu has plenty of options.  Everything you could want or need in the diner menu is there.  Since we were going to get ice cream at A la Mode afterward, I tried to order something light.

A few of the Rustic Mill Diner menu options that looked interesting:

  • Triple deckers served with french fries or cup of soup
  • Kabob platters served over your choice of pasta
  • French toast dipped in egg batter and served with home fries
  • The chicken salad and chicken sandwiches

I noticed they had split pea soup as a menu special, so I immediately ordered that as an appetizer.  The soup was delicious and much creamier than many split pea soups I’ve had before.  Split pea is my favorite soup.

Rustic mill diner cranford

At the Rustic Mill Diner, I ordered their “famous” Greek salad.  I’ve had plenty of Greek salads with salmon, so I felt as though I have something to compare it too.  The portion was smaller than many diners.  What interested me, was it said it came with pita bread, but it was like pita bread slivers.  It was disappointing.  The Greek salad did contain interesting and unique toppings such as celery. Was it a lousy salad?  No, but it wasn’t my favorite either.

Rustic mill diner cranford

Service: D
For the most part, the waitress seemed like she had better placed to be.  She rarely came to our table, and when she did, she didn’t seem to be in a great mood.  I had to ask several times for more coffee and drink refills.

Rustic Mill Diner Cost: $$
For my soup, salad, and coffee at the Rustic Mill Diner, the cost was $20.  That was…a lot.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Rustic Mill Diner: 
I didn’t hate the Rustic Mill Diner, but it was lackluster.  If I do go back to the Rustic Mill Diner, I’ll probably order something else.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: C
Food: C
Service: D
Cost: $10-20
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
What is the best salad you’ve ever had?
D0 you like anchovies?  It’s common in Greek Salads… I do.