Art City Trolley (Springdale, UT)

Art City Trolley (Springdale, Utah)

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While away on vacation, my husband and I stopped in a small town near Provo for dinner.  The Art City Trolley in Springville, looked to be about as close to a New Jersey Diner that we could get.

Art City Trolley Atmosphere: B

The Art City Trolley is located on the main road.  There is a train car, which is attached to a restaurant.  Similar to the Clinton Station Diner, you can sit in the train car or building, depending on where the hostess sat you.  We were lucky enough to sit in the old train car.

art city trolley springville utah

The tables at the Art City Trolley were outdated, and ours was wobbling.  It made for an awkward time eating between both of us, but other than that it was a nice restaurant. It had the character of an old diner.

Art City Trolley Coffee: 

Since it was later at night, I wanted to order decaf coffee, so I wasn’t up.  The waitress informed me that the Art City Trolley only serves “caffeinated coffee”.  It’s one of the only restaurants I’ve been too, that doesn’t serve decaf coffee along with their caffeinated.

Art City Trolley Service: B

The waitress was friendly, but our food took a little while to come out for the number of people in the restaurant.

Art City Trolley Food: A

The Art City Trolley menu has several options and a lot of unique and healthy options.  They also have items like burgers and baby back ribs. The Art City Trolley menu is well known for its salads, so I decided to order that.

art city trolley springville utah

My salad at the Art City Trolley was good.  It was filled with plenty of greens and toppings.  I was pleasantly surprised with how big the portion was too.  It was one of the better restaurant salads I’ve had.

I also ordered chili, which was a white and creamy base.  I’ve never had anything like that, but it wasn’t bad.  I always enjoy food with a bit of kick to it.
art city trolley springville utah

Art City Trolley Cost: 

For my salad, the price was $15.  One of the cheaper meals I’ve had, but I didn’t order a drink or appetizer either.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back to the Art City Trolley:

I liked the Art City Trolley, and if I’m around the area, I will come back.  I do wish they had decaf coffee, but I wonder how many people ask for that. I always appreciate diners that are in an old trolley or train car.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: —
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $10-12
Overall: B

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Question for you: Have you eaten in an old train or trolley car before?