Brooks Cascadia 12 Shoe Review

Brooks Cascadia 12 Shoe Review

The Brooks Cascadia has been updated to the latest Cascadia 13.

When going out west on vacation, I knew I needed a trail shoe.  My husband and I have hiked several times on the east coast, but many people indicated how rocky and rigorous trails could be out west.  There have probably been times I could have used a trail shoe while hiking out east too.

brooks cascadia 12 shoe review

The Brooks Cascadia 12 seemed like a good option.  I’ve had success with many Brooks Running shoes, including both the Ghost 10 and Glycerin 15.  Instead of getting a hiking boot, I opted for the gortex (weatherproof) Brooks Cascadia.

Brooks Cascadia 12 Fit:

The Gortex version of the Brooks Cascadia 12 makes the shoe stiffer and less breathable, but that is precisely what I was looking for.  I wanted a shoe that would protect me from harsher elements.  That being said, the Brooks Cascadia 12 still fits appropriately.

In my running shoes, I’ve worn between 10-11 wide.  I purchased a pair of 10.5 Brooks Cascadia 12 shoes and have been fine. The toe box is wide enough which was a fear for me.  The upper is constructed from a double mesh material that I found highly flexible, breathable, and provided a durable layer of protection.

brooks cascadia 12 shoe review

Brooks Cascadia 12 Ride:

Personally, I’ve used the Brooks Cascadia 12 more for climbing and hiking versus running on trails.  I’ve used them a couple of times to run, but for the most part, the Brooks Cascadia 12 have been great hiking shoes.

There is a lot of cushion for a trail shoe.  My biggest fear was getting a trail shoe that was firm or rigid.  Since we have done 10+ miles of hiking before, my feet would not be happy with that.  The Biomogo DNA cushion of the Brooks Cascadia 12 is soft like the Ghost but hard enough to grip the ground appropriately.

The Brooks Cascadia 12 doesn’t have the grooves of a rigorous hiking boot, but did have enough for the hikes I was doing.

The Gortex version of the  Brooks Cascadia 12 allowed me to cross several streams without too much of an issue with my feet getting wet.  The Brooks Cascadia 12 has many needed features for the trail including a rock shield and mud guard to keep trail debris out.

Brooks Cascadia 12 Final Thoughts:

I like the Brooks Cascadia 12, and I’m so glad I decided to purchase it.  Since purchasing, I’ve done a variety of trails including Zion National Park, Colorado Springs, and even hiking in New Jersey.  It definitely makes a difference when hiking.  I’m glad I finally took the plunge and purchased a pair.

Questions for you:

Do you have a separate pair of trail shoes?

Have you ever used a Gortex or weatherproof product?