The Broad Street Diner (Hamilton)

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton)

Recently I went to the Broad Street Diner in Hamilton.  It’s only about 30 minutes from my house. However, it’s taken me about three years to get there.

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Atmosphere: A

The inside is a lot bigger than anticipated.  It’s one of the biggest diners I’ve been too.  The outside is a very tall building.  It’s a big, shiny, metallic diner, but it’s a clean diner.  The inside has plenty of seating with a full-length bar, with plenty of tables and booths.  It’s one of the most spacious diners I’ve been too.

Broad Street Diner hamilton

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Coffee: B
The coffee at the Broad Street Diner was brewed hot and the waitress brought over a container with whipped cream.  There wasn’t anything too special or exciting about it, but it was good.

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Food: B
The Broad Street Diner menu has pretty much anything you could ask for in a diner.  The Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) has breakfast, lunch, dinner including seafood, steak, pasta, really whatever you want.

I haven’t had pasta in a while, so I decided to order pasta with meatball.  I don’t think I’ve ever ordered that a diner.

The meal at the Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) was good but was bland.  It could have used some seasoning (anything!) or maybe more sauce.  It looked and tasted as if they poured a half a can of sauce on top of pasta and cooked giant meatballs on top.  The meatballs were good.  In all, it was a decent meal, but I would probably order something else next time.

Broad Street Diner hamilton

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Service: B
Our waitress at the Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) was very friendly, but at some points, she was extremely quiet and it was hard to hear what she was saying.  I felt like I was always asking, what?

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Dessert: B
I had been back and forth with dessert and ultimately decided to order the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.  One thing unique about the Broad Street Diner is they have several flavors of ice cream instead of just chocolate or vanilla.  I decided to go with cookie dough ice cream, which was a good choice.

The cake itself was excellent.  It was rich and tasted homemade.  The ice cream was suffering from freezer burn.  It needed to dethaw for a few minutes.

Broad Street Diner hamilton

Broad Street Diner (Hamilton) Cost: $
For my coffee, meal, ice cream, and cake the cost was $20 which was a good deal.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Broad Street Diner (Hamilton)?
I liked the Broad Street diner (Hamilton) and it was a good choice.  Next time I’ll get a different meal, but in all, I liked it.  Having several different ice cream flavors to choose from makes it unique!

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: B
Dessert: B
Cost: $8-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Where is the best pasta you’ve had?
What is your favorite type of cake?

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