Red Rose Diner (Phillipsburg)

Red Rose Diner (Phillipsburg)

The Red Rose Diner in Phillipsburg has recently undergone a management change.  I thought the management change was recently due to the lack of reviews, plus the giant streamers on the outside.  When I asked the waitress about it, she said it was about six months ago.  I guess that begs the question of how long can it be considered “recent.”  Not that is matters…

I got to the Red Rose Diner around 5 pm, and there were only a couple of other parties.

Red Rose Diner Atmosphere: B
The Red Rose Diner is not hard to miss on the road.  It’s a big metallic diner with giant streamers and ribbons on the outside.  It also had a rock garden that says “Red Rose Diner” and signs with both Salad Bar and Under New Management.  The exterior has a lot going on.

The inside of the Red Rose Diner has plenty of booths, tables, and a small salad bar.  It appeared to be a decent salad bar; however, if the main draw is the salad bar, it needs more toppings and salad.

Red Rose diner Phillipsburg

Red Rose Diner Service: D
When we walked into the Red Rose Diner, the hostess and possibly owner instructed us to turn around and look at the specials.  It was just awkward.

The waitress took our order.  Since there weren’t many people in the diner, I expected the food to come out faster than it did.

Not to skip ahead but I ordered a Caesar salad for an appetizer.  The salad came out with the meal and wasn’t a Caesar.  When I asked the waitress about it, the waitress said: the caesar was a big salad, so she changed my order for the side salad.

So she changed my order at the Red Rose Diner, didn’t inform or ask me if that’s what I wanted and brought it out anyway.  That wasn’t acceptable in any form with anything.

Red Rose Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the Red Rose Diner was good but wasn’t anything to write home about.  It was hot, and I had a few refills.

Red Rose diner Phillipsburg

Red Rose Diner Food: C
As I mentioned with service, I was less than impressed by the service and salad.

Red Rose diner Phillipsburg

The Red Rose Diner menu has plenty of options: all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, seafood, pasta, the list is pretty much endless.

I ordered something along the lines of the Athenian sandwich.  I don’t remember the exact name.  It was a Greek sandwich with beef, feta, on pita bread.  It was much bigger than I anticipated.  I also ordered the sweet potato fries, which were good. Red Rose diner Phillipsburg

My main entree at the Red Rose Diner was tasty, but I was still not in the best of moods after the waitress changed my salad order.  The sandwich was good.

Cost: $
For my sandwich, salad, and coffee, the cost was $13.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Red Rose Diner?

The Red Rose Diner wasn’t the worst diner I’ve been too, but the waitress changing my order as well as awkward quirks with the specials board and limited salad bar made it in the bottom half.

I will probably give the Red Rose Diner a second chance if I’m in the area again though.  I do believe the Red Rose Diner needs to beef up their salad bar, change the way they do their specials, and have their wait staff make sure customers receive what they ordered.  That is strange for anywhere.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Service: D
Food: C
Cost: $8-20
Overall: C

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Questions for you:
Where is the best salad bar you’ve had?
Has a server ever changed your order without you knowing?

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  1. Umm I would so not be ok with someone changing my order and not telling me!! haha I’m normally not picky about things at restaurants and if stuff comes out wrong I’m like, eh whatever, but the fact that she changed it on purpose and didn’t tell you is so weird!

  2. After they changed your order, I think you were really generous with your review. The rest of the food does look good, but if the kitchen is out of something the staff should know and tell you when you order, or come back out and tell you so you can change your order if you want to… not just bring you something else (unless you change your order or say it’s okay). The fries look good though!

    The best salad bar I’ve had was in the dining room of our Royal Caribbean cruise a few years ago. Locally, the Jason’s Deli has a good salad bar but I think they are a chain too.

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