Staying Prepared on Long Days

how to stay prepared on long days

Recently I’ve been out of my house a lot.  When I mean a lot, I mean most days I’m away between 10-14.  Which for me, is a lot!

Between work and volunteering, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car. For the first week, I wasn’t as prepared and forgot anything from clothing to food.  I quickly realized that I need to start planning ahead.

Now I have an entire day kit in the trunk of my car, complete with running shoes.  If I can squeeze a 3 mile run in, it’s a good day!  (Like yesterday).As most people know, I like Quest Bars a lot.  I’ve talked about Quest several times on LOLZ blog, so when they asked to partner together last year I was more than excited!

Thinking out loud, I’ve used them since college.  At first, it was hard to locate them, and the only place you could buy them was online.  It was one of the first foods I actually bought online!  Now they are becoming more accessible and are in many grocery stores, but the newest place they can be found is 7-11.

While driving home one day, I stopped at 7-11 for coffee and a snack and found the cereal bars.  I was pleasantly surprised, and even though my coffee had plenty of sugar in it, Quest Bars do not.

quest cereal bars

A few reasons why I like Quest Cereal Bars:

  1. Each of the bars has 12 grams of protein, 110 calories, 2-3 grams of net carbs and 6-7 grams of fiber
  2. They have less sugar and carbs compared to other cereal bars
  3. They contain more protein than the average cereal bar
  4. Just tastes good (let’s be honest, some protein bars taste like cardboard)

Since I’m not running as much, it’s important to look more at the quality of things going into my body.  I can’t get away with eating a lot of extra junk every single day.  I’m not saying give up sweets, but I would rather focus on quality nutrition and save desserts/treats for another time.

So What Else Do I have in My Car for Personal Needs?

  • Two full sets of clothing. Do I need a more casual look, or more dressed up?
  • One full set of running clothing complete with shoes (I’ve used this 5 times in 3 weeks)
  • An entire Box of Quest Cereal Bars (Because you never know when you want more snacks)
  • A gallon of water: It’s easier, cheaper, and faster than stopping when thirsty.
  • Rain Jacket/Umbrella because I basically bring all inclement weather to me.
  • Emergency cash: I do keep $20 in my car incase something happens that a credit card is not usable.
  • Backup Cell Phone Charger: You never know, in high school, my car got stuck on the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel in Newport News, VA when the transmission went out. Guess who didn’t have a usable cell phone?
  • First Aid Kid
  • Duct Tape: I don’t know, it fixes things.

I can honestly say even though I’m busy and running less, I’m enjoying where my life is right now.  It did take some adjustments and getting used to but staying prepared was the main key.

Thanks to Quest Nutrition for sponsoring this post.  I have been using Quest protein bars for years, and I strongly recommend them.

Questions for you:
What do you keep in your car incase of emergencies?
How long are you out of your house each day?

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  1. I haven’t tried the cereal bars yet! It’s cool that these things are easier to find now. I definitely remember the days of having to order stuff like PB2 online! I’m going to look for these!

  2. A few weeks ago, our GNC had an awesome sale on these cereal bars ($1) and I picked some up. I really like them because they do not melt like other bars, so I can pack them in my purse or car and not worry about a mess from the SC summer heat.

    I work from home so am not in my car commuting but do keep a few things in it because I drive a lot to run. I have a little baggy of various “fuels” like gels and gus, in case someone needs one after a run or track workout. I also have bottles of water and try to keep them so I can pour them over the ice in my (fake) Yeti Tumbler after runs. That $8 Walmart yeti has saved me a TON of money from having to stop and buy water.

    Also, a hoodie. Because when you live in what seems like the most humid place ever, every business has the air conditioner cranked up like crazy. Brr…

  3. Love all your ideas. I like to keep emergency flip flops in my car because if I randomly get a pedicure I normally only have running shoes with me. Also after longer runs it’s amazing to take your shoes off. I try to keep sunscreen in my car too because I live in San Diego and I don’t want to be wrinkle queen when I’m older ;).

    I will have to try the quest bars. I have yet to find a bar I like-they all are so blah and chalky tasting to me. Those cereal bars sound good too!

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