The Continental Diner (Burlington)

The Continental (Burlington)

Unfortunately, the Continental (Burlington) is now closed.

As you can see, while not running, I’ve been to a heck of a lot more diners.  The Continental Diner recently reopened.  It used to be known as the Dolphin Diner, and I ate there several years ago.

When my mom and I arrived around 6 pm on a weekday, there was only one other party at  The Continental (Burlington). There were never more than a few people during our entire experience.

The Continental (Burlington) Atmosphere: B
The Continental Diner hasn’t changed much of the environment of the Dolphin Diner.  They added a new highway sign but other than that the inside is very similar.

When we arrived at The Continental (Burlington), we were greeted by a half-full dessert case.  The desserts inside did look good.  I saw a few that I wanted to try.

The Continental Diner Burlington
Same appearance as the previous “Dolphin Diner.”

The Continental (Burlington) Coffee: C
While the coffee at The Continental was brewed hot, they were out of whipped cream.  A diner without whipped cream?  The coffee was good, but being out of whipped cream was disappointing.The Continental Diner Burlington

The Continental (Burlington) Service: B
For an extremely undercrowded diner, the waitress didn’t come by often.  I was surprised when it took a while at The Continental Diner to take our orders and bring drinks.  She was nice, but overall the service was slow.

The Continental (Burlington) Food: B
Without running, I’ve been making more of an effort to eat healthier.  The Continental Diner menu is typical of most New Jersey diner menus.  There is nothing on the Continental Diner menu that sticks out.

I decided to order the Greek salad was salmon.  It came with soup and I chose the lentil.  The soup was good.  There wasn’t anything unique but I have no complaints.The Continental diner burlington

When the salad arrived, I was surprised at how big it was.  I wasn’t expecting that and definitely in the top percentage of diner salads I’ve had.The Continental diner burlington

The Continental (Burlington) Desserts: A
Even though they didn’t have a lot of desserts left, I noticed the chocolate oreo cake and wanted to go with that.  The cake itself was great; it consisted of a large layer of frosting which was almost mousse-like and then a chocolate cake underneath.  It was one of the better diner cakes I’ve had and I have no complaints.  I would order it again…and again.

The Continental Diner Burlington

The Continental (Burlington) Cost: $
For my coffee, salad, cake and ice cream, the cost was $22.  It was a great price, and I left feeling full.

Overall thoughts/Summary of The Continental (Burlington):

actually like the new Continental Diner better than the Dolphin Diner.  I think they could use more personalization for the name the Continental (Burlington).
Coffee: B
Service: C
Food: A
Cost: $8-15

Overall: B 

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Questions for you:
Have you ordered anything and a restaurant was out? 
I find that it happens more with farm to table restaurants…

Have you been to a restaurant before and after it was open under new management?

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  1. Hehe this made me chuckle… “I wanted to be healthy so ordered a salad”… but then got chocolate cake at the end. Yep, that’s exactly me.

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