Training Last Week: Unmotivation Station

To be honest, last week didn’t go as planned.  I was able to get 30 minute runs in, but that is a half hour of my day.  I didn’t make time for core, strength or any extra stuff.

running me


Monday: 3-mile group run
Tuesday: 30-minute run
Wednesday: 35-minute run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 30-minute run
Saturday: 40-minute run
Sunday 30 minute run
Total: Between 20-25 miles

My favorite run was the Saucony “Run Pops” Group Run.  Saucony has come out with a line of limited edition bold colored shoes called “run pops” (think popsicles).  It was not only great to run with people but it was my favorite run too.  Lemon is my favorite popsicle flavor and the Saucony Triumph is my favorite shoe…I should probably purchase these when I’m back to running 100%.

saucony run pops group run

So what happened?

I fell off the cross training planet last week.  I could make a lot of excuses, but I was busy and honestly the heat just unmotivated me. In 95 degrees, I feel like the pool should have been welcoming.  But I chose to stay inside and didn’t get out there.  I’ve also taken on another project, so that has kept me busier than normal too.

How does my foot feel?

Last week, my foot felt achier than it has in previous weeks.  Whenever I come back from any injury, I’m always achy for about a month afterwords.  Each time, my doctors tell me it’s soft tissue damage, but I get nervous.

Right now I’m in the phase of thinking: is my bone not healing? Is it just soft tissue and residual gunk? I would rather have answers and not question things. Also, I have struggled the last two weeks of missing running normally and not worrying about it.  I miss the ability to go out for a healthy run and not be plagued with worrying if I have completely healed.

My running last week was going through the motion of getting back into shape.  It’s been nearly two months since I’ve run much, so everything is sore.  I know I haven’t lost all of my fitness, but I do know I’ve lost some.

So combined with the unknown of my foot, wondering if I’m healing and the heat I lost most of my motivation last week.  It wasn’t a week I’m particularly proud of but not every week can be perfect. Next week I plan to get back into my routine with core and cross training.

Questions for you:

How was your week last week?  Was it hot?

How do you stay motivated in the heat?   

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  1. Coming back from an injury is not easy, but you are doing it. Keep up the great work. The heat does not make anything easier that is for sure. I found a mostly-shaded route and have been running it like crazy. It doesn’t look like there is any relief from the heat in sight. Stay hydrated, run early, run late and find shade. Happy Running!

  2. I’m so tired of the heat! I usually like it, but for some reason this year it’s really irritating me! I’m right with you on the unmotivated wagon :/

  3. This heat is brutal. For awhile i couldn’t figure out why I’ve been so fatigued while running but then I realized it’s the warmer temperatures than usual. I have the hardest time finding motivation to get in the pool but I’m planning on going with Jenna and Jon soon. Let’s see if I remember how to swim…

  4. I’ve been avoiding running in the heat like the plague. I love being in the heat/sun just to hang out, but I’m not well-suited to work out in it! So, I’ve been doing more cross training and group fitness class indoors as a result. I think it’s been really good for me!

    I hope you find your running groove again soon! I’ve never really been injured (knock on wood), so I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be.

  5. i know i shouldn’t but when it’s this hot out, i motivate myself with food. To make it out the door on saturday I promised myself ice cream. And sunday was a cold beer. I honestly was so close to skipping my saturday run it was so dang humid :/

  6. I think you are being smart. Personally I have my doubts about normal residual pain after a fracture so if you aren’t feeling it, don’t force yourself to run. This heat is ridiculous so enjoy the rest. It can only be good for you at this point.

  7. Oh the heat, the unrelenting heat. Complain all we want, it’s here to stay. We struggle in Florida because it’s hot AND crazy humid – so yes, I’m currently on that unmotivation station with you all. Today I’m swapping outdoors for the treadmill because of thunderstorms in the area. Maybe a cool indoor run with some cross training will set me straight? :/

    1. I hope so Alex. I hope you were able to find some motivation and the weather this week is supposed to be cooler 🙂

  8. Woof, the heat last week was ridiculous. It was especially bad here in the city on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday … oh, and yesterday … and today … c’mon, Mother Nature! Motivation ebbs and flows so don’t worry too much about not feeling it. And it’s not like you’re sitting around and doing nothing–I mean, you hiked Bear Mountain over the weekend. 🙂

  9. We have been very lucky so far in terms of temps in the pacific northwest and specifically the Seattle area, summer hasn’t really hit. Last year was a record hot summer but not this year…and that’s just fine with me! Hope the injury continues to get better so you can ramp up again and be back at full strength soon.

  10. The heat is always a struggle- I’m finding it hard to psyche myself up for a training session tonight when it’s going to be 30 degrees and humid outside. Us Brits are not meant for Summer! But I always find that admitting to myself (and often to others) that I’ve completely lost my motivation really helps me reboot- I think it’s something to do with just admitting defeat even momentarily- after that, any step is a good step! I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s just my personal experience!

  11. Great post. I agree that not every week can be perfect. For me, this was exactly the type of thing I needed to read, as I hope to be doing pretty much this same week next week. And I know I will be worried if it’s too much on my immune system. I love the looks of those Saucony Run Pops! I have been seeing alot of them on social media.

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