Park West Diner

Park West Diner, Little Falls, NJ

According to here, the Park West Diner is ranked to have one of the best entree salads in the state.  A diner ranked with restaurants to have a good salad?

For a diner to have the BEST salads is a tremendous feat.  As most people know, for the first several diner reviews, I opted to review a salad and red velvet cake.  I thought it was easier to compare the differences…eventually, I realized that got boring.

Park West Diner

Atmosphere: A
The Park West Diner is located right off the main road in a shopping center.  It’s one of the bigger diners I’ve seen, and it’s hard to miss.

The outside is metallic silver and red while the inside is typical of a diner.  It’s got a shiny bar, red booths, and plenty of space.

Service: C
While the waitress was friendly, she didn’t come around often.  There were five parties in the diner, and it took a long time for the food to come out.   It was one of the slowest waits; we’ve had in a while.  I was disappointed.

Coffee: A
The coffee tasted great.  I can appreciate a diner with their own logo mugs and the coffee was boiling.  I wish it were refilled more but other than that; it was great coffee.

Park West Diner Coffee

Food: B
As mentioned, the Park West is well known for their salads.  Over 30% of their business is from salads!  That is unusual for any restaurant, let alone a diner.  The Park West Diner serves typical fair but since they specialize in salads I decided to revisit a Greek salad.  I can’t remember the last time I had a salad at a diner, perhaps a few months ago at the Colonial Diner with Christine?

An interesting aspect of the Park West Diner was that they included a chickpea salad with every table.  Each table received a breadbasket as well as their signature chickpea salad.

Park West Diner Chickpea salad

I ordered the large Greek salad with salmon.  For a diner known for their salads, I wasn’t impressed.  The salad wasn’t unusual or out of the ordinary.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best.

To be honest, I regretted getting it.  The Greek salad had block feta, tomatoes, onions, grape leaves, and olives.  The lettuce was watery and tasteless, and the salad was small to be considered the “large portion.”  I wondered if they made a mistake and gave me the small salad until the waitress said: “isn’t that salad huge”?  They forgot the dressing as well, so I had to wait a while for that.

Park West Diner Salad

I ordered salmon on top which saved the salad.

It wasn’t a bad meal, but it wasn’t a meal I would consider “the best” of anything.  I’ve had better diner salads: meaning more salad and higher quality ingredients.

Cost: $
For my coffee and salad with salmon, the cost was $18.  Not the most expensive salad I’ve had, but it wasn’t cheap either.  The quality wasn’t there for the cost of salad.

Would I come back/Summary:

Honestly, I was disappointed.  If I do come back, I would order something else next time I’m in the area.  It wasn’t terrible, but the service and food make the Park West Diner in the middle or bottom of the diner pack.  The chickpea appetizer was my favorite part of the meal and I do appreciate each meal comes with that!

However, with over 200 diners in New Jersey, it’s not a diner I would have seak out.

Atmosphere: A
Service: C
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-20
Overall: B

Questions for you:
When was the last time you were let down?
What Is your favorite restaurant coffee mug?


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  1. I love your diner reviews! I really need you to come out to long island and try my favorite diners. The premiere diner has the best giant greek salad and the east bay diner has an awesome portabello mushroom and avocado salad. I love giant diner salads!

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