The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille (Somers Point)

The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille (Somers Point)

I’ve wanted to go to The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille for a while.  My original plan was to go after the Atlantic City half. However, I had to work, so there wasn’t enough time.  I only had to wait two extra weeks and went after the Totally Awesome 80s Run.

We arrived around 11 on a Saturday.  I anticipated The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille to be crowded. However, it wasn’t.  I was pleasantly surprised because, after any race, I typically want to eat immediately.

windjammer somers point diner
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The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille Atmosphere: B
The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille is a typical large restaurant building. However, there is nothing “diner” about it.  It’s clean and open, but it is more of a restaurant than a diner.

It’s open and well lit, but it’s a regular restaurant.  It isn’t a classic metallic NJ, but it’s clean and well organized.  The tables and booths are spread out, so you don’t feel as if you’re sitting on top of anyone.

The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille Coffee: A
The coffee at The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille was delicious, and the waitress brought us plenty of refills.  It was locally brewed Lacas brand, which is one of my favorite roasts.

Windjammer Somers Point

The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille Service: A
The waitress at The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille was one of the most friendly and attentive I’ve had.  She refilled the coffee, brought us everything we needed, and was just an overall pleasant and friendly person.  You can tell The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille has a lot of regulars, and she made everyone feel good.  I overheard her say, “Wow, you look great today” and “See you tomorrow.”  It almost felt like we were the only nonregulars!

The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille Food: A
The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille menu has all day and breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has a much smaller menu than most traditional diners.  Since The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille is on the shore, they specialize in seafood and burgers.  They have a lot of different crab options too.

I was hungry, so we ordered the hummus appetizer.  It came with roasted carrots, zucchini, and squash as well as hummus and pita.  Pita bread is one of my favorite types, and this was one of my favorite appetizers to date.  I could have ordered 2 for my meal and been perfectly fine.

Windjammer Somers Point

For my entree, I was craving a burger.  I ordered their burger, which came with French fries.  It was topped with onion rings.  It was juicy and cooked just how I like it, medium.  The burger was cooked just as I asked, and the bun was toasted. It appeared to be a homemade roll too, and you can never go wrong with that.  The French fries were toasted and crunchy. 
Windjammer somers point burger

Windjammer somers point burger

The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille Cost: $$
For my coffee, the appetizer, and burger the cost was $18.

Summary/Would I come back The Windjammer Diner Bar Grille (Somers Point)?

The quality of food, as well as quantity, made the Windjammer one of my favorite diners.  The service was excellent, and I have no complaints.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Price: $10-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like pita bread?
What do you crave after a hard workout?


  1. I hate having a wait after a long run or race. I get rungry and hangry all at once. This place looks great. I love crunchy fries and am totally bummed if I go somewhere and get soggy fries.

  2. I love pita bread! Now I really want to go to someplace like this. I crave bread after a workout. Endless bread. And french fries. I wish I would crave like, carrots or something instead. That would be much better for me.

  3. Love Lacas! That hummus looks really good. I know you love your pita bread. 🙂

  4. Looks like a hearty post-race meal! I love pita bread with baba ganuche (or however you spell it)

    1. I’m the last person to ask about spelling Emma ;). I know what you mean and that stuff is delicious.

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