Training: Back to Injury Free Running

Last week brought a healthy training week.  I spent a good portion running easy and recovering.  I generally spend about 75% of my training logging easy miles.  I thought about Racing but ultimately chose to take the weekend off.  I know…it’s a rare occurrence!

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run on the “windway.”
Wednesday: 6X1 mile repeats (average 6:29)
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: Easy Run
Sunday: 6.5 mile tempo run (average 6:47)

Monday and Friday were uneventful runs.  On Tuesday, I ran on the treadmill with one of my local friends.  We tried out a new soft type of treadmill called a Woodway.  Before our run, I had never seen or heard of a Woodway!.  I assumed we were just going to run on the treadmill and catch up.  When we got to the gym, she showed me the Woodway treadmills, and we ran on those. It felt like I was running on a soft and springy surface.  It felt more like the road than an actual treadmill.

Workout Wednesday: 6×1 mile hill repeats

It was my first mile repeat workout since Shamrock.  They felt good and injury free.  My legs were still tight from the April Fools half marathon, but I’m glad to get back to a workout routine.  The focus on this week was to get back into workouts.  I took close to the entire month of March off from workouts due to multiple goal races and hamstring issues.  I was happy to get back to the grind!

Sunday Tempo: 6.5 average (6:47)

bad run 1

There are some workouts you struggle through and to be honest this was one of them.  I was cold, and my legs didn’t feel like they had any speed in them.  I posted on Instagram, but I’m happy to be running.  Sometimes just completing a run or a workout is a success in itself.

From Instagram:

Readjusted the pace and my mindset as I’m still recovering from last week’s half marathon.

After I completed the workout:

  • The sun was still shining
  • I’m healthy
  • I’m thankful to log the miles.

Sometimes you get more of a mental workout from running, and that’s okay. Your running is a collection of workouts and training, not just one day.


There wasn’t anything too unusual or crazy about this week.  It was a week of working out and putting in the mileage.  I’m back to running healthy with no issues in my hamstring.  Even though it was only a minor two-week hiccup, if I hadn’t been proactive, I do believe it would have turned into a major issue.

Depending on my schedule next week, I’m going to look for a local race to hop into and continue training.

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Questions for you:
How was your week of workouts?
Have you tried a windway treadmill before?

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  1. woodway treadmills are great. all of the boutique fitness classes in nyc use them (mile high run club, barrys bootcamp). they feel much better on your feet/knees

  2. That’s an interesting treadmill. I’ve never heard of one of those! I’m getting tired of the Alter-G but I’m just happy to be able to run for now. I’m glad your hamstring issue went away- it’s an annoying one that takes forever to heal for most people (myself included).

  3. Woodway treadmills are the only ones that I actually enjoy running on. Great week of running 🙂

  4. Totally agree that some runs are bigger workouts for the mind than the body. But that’s a pretty awesome thing too. I mean, no one likes to struggle through a crappy run, but the discipline and determination it builds is just as valuable as the stamina and endurance.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try a Woodway treadmill for a long time! It sounds so cool! Good job being proactive so it didn’t turn into a big injury rather than a fairly minor one. I had ONE run last week. Between being out of town and other life stuff it just didn’t happen! Hoping that this week is better!

  6. Our gym actually just got some of those treadmills but I haven’t tried them out. The guy at the gym said they’re supposed to be gentler on your knees, but I almost always run outside unless the weather is too horrendous. My first week of training was great–this is the first time I have several easy runs built in to my schedule, and I can’t wait to see how they help me on race day!

  7. First ‘workout’ that wasn’t an easy run for me since One City Marathon today. I agree it feels good to get back in to business. Haven’t tried a Woodway yet but would love the chance to!

  8. I hate woodway treadmills! I think they’re too short and narrow and I almost always lose my footing on them. But to each his own haha.

  9. i havent heard of that windway treadmill, is it that weird looking on that doesnt really have grab bar things? i think i might have seen one before but they look a little intimidating. oh man mental workouts are the worst. i’ve had a few of those and im sad to say sometimes they get the better of me but its a necessary evil because we all know races can play some serious mind games with you!

  10. Uneventful running is good running! Are the Woodway treadmills the ones that make you work harder to move the belt? If it’s the same one I’m thinking of, then it’s the *only* treadmill Hal Higdon or Bart Yasso or another notable figure approves of. 🙂

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