German Food and Car Shows

Sometimes I have an exciting weekend that merits a blog post.  Since I usually work on weekends and live a fairly boring life, those exciting weekends are rare.

For those who don’t know, my husband likes cars.  That’s an understatement and along with all the random stuff he does outside of his job, he fixes cars.  In the time since we’ve been together, he’s never once taken his beloved 1989 BMW into the shop.  He fixes everything from the engine, brakes and whatever other car things need get fixed.

His other wife is a 1987 Porche he has been fixing.  When we lived in Texas, I drove it once and decided never again.  I can drive a stick shift fine, but I’m not about that life.   Now he has taken the entire thing apart and is rebuilding the engine.  It hasn’t seen the road for over a year, but I think he is almost done.

We had it towed during our move...since without an engine cars don't go too far...
We had it towed during our move…since without an engine cars don’t go too far…

I read blogs for fun, and he rebuilds engines.

So, in summary, yes, I might be sister wives with two cars…

His hobby led us to the Prestigious Philadelphia auto show.  For $14, you got access to all of the latest and greatest cars.  Almost every brand is represented, and they have classic and modified cars as well.

My only photo of a car
My only photo of a car
They asked me to model but I couldn't stand still that sorry to let them down...
They asked me to model, but I couldn’t stand still that long…so sorry to let them down…

My dream car is the BMW I8.  Considering I just paid off my car, that won’t happen…I need to make blogging a full-time income on top of my day job.  I would have to win the lottery as well.  Then I suppose I could afford one of these cars. 

Maybe I'll start a gofund me for this car.
Maybe I’ll start a go fund me for this car.

Despite only living a few miles from Philadelphia we don’t get down there as much as we would like.  We decided to make a date night out of it and went to a German restaurant called the Brauhaus Schmitz.  I’ve never been to a traditional German restaurant and beer hall, but it was fun.

We ordered the liverwurst app, and the entree called “Schweinshaxe”.  It was essentially fried bread around the fattiest meat I’ve ever had.  The layer composition was meat, fat wrapped with fried bread.  It was unhealthy, but it was one of the best entrees I’ve ever had.

German food

If you are in Philadelphia, I recommend it.  Plus they have over 200 beers on tap!

On Sunday, we headed up to North Jersey and Morristown for the Pregame 4 miler.  As I said yesterday, I had a good race, but my husband finally had a breakthrough race.  He was able to run a 5:50 pace on a challenging course.  He has been working hard, so it was nice to see that pay off.

t and I

Afterwards, we went to the Jefferson Diner, where I got the most delicious red velvet cake.  In the 89 diners, I’ve been too, I think this might have won best dessert.  There will be a review in a couple of weeks.

jefferson diner red velvet cake

I guess that’s all my excitement of the weekend.  I’ll post another interesting weekend post for about three months when it happens again…

Questions for you:

What is your dream car?

Have you had German food before? 

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  1. we need to talk about that red velvet cake. that looks like my dream dessert. also, where are you from in texas? I spent 5 years in houston before moving to NJ. definitely missing those texas “winters” right about now.

    1. I’m actually not from Texas, I’m from VA Beach. My husband had preliminary training out there. We lived about 180 miles west of San Antonio in the middle of nowhere.

      Where do you live in NJ? I’m about 15 minutes from Philadelphia 🙂

      1. West Texas is way different than any other part, but it can be really pretty because of its sheer vastness. I’m right outside New Brunswick, but head out to Philly a couple of times a month. I only moved out here a little while ago and am loving your diner recaps and have started actively searching out some of the ones you mentioned. Tried the Menlo Park diner a couple of weeks ago and OMG the cheese on that greek salad was no joke.

  2. I just can’t get past how good that cake looks. We need to make it a goal to try all the red velvet cakes and see which one is best.

  3. What a weekend! It is quite rare I “exist in real life” because even when I do, I hang out with friends I’ve made through work (so running-related) and triathlon.

  4. I’ve never been super into cars but my dad sounds a lot like your husband. He loves working on them. And I love German food! Every year on Black Friday my family goes to the same restaurant in this little German town and the food is delicious. And that cake though.. looks so good!

  5. My husband does a lot of work on our cars himself too. He thinks it saves us a lot of money (after all the parts and gadgets he buys maybe not so much), I think he just really enjoys it. We went to a boat show this past weekend and saw some amazing yachts and really nice boats!

  6. My dream car is a car that works, gets high gas mileage, and has a working heater and air conditioner. I would not even know what to do with a fancy car!

    And I like hearty, meaty German dishes. It’s not something I always feel like eating, but if I want a big, satisfying meal with a lot of meat, nothing hits the spot like German food!

  7. It is my dream to own a Porsche. Actually, we have a huge bottle of change we’ve been collecting since college that is known in our house as my Porsche fund. I plan to drive my car until I can afford a Porsche

  8. my husband loves cars too, he wants to get an old car and do exactly the same thing, rebuild it from top to bottom. my former boss has the i8 and i am DYING for her to give me a ride…alas not yet.

  9. my dream car is a jeep rubicon, which is awesome because I can afford it. I’ve had my current car paid off for the last 3 years though, so i’m going to run this car into the ground before I have a car payment again. But i will get my jeep! -also high five your husband for me! holy crap that’s a fast pace!

  10. I’ve actually never had German food; I think it involves a lot of meat so I’ve just never tried any of the restaurants. My husband likes Tesla and when we were in Charlotte we had to look at Tesla cars. Right now he’s in love with his new CR-V, though. His biggest hobby is painting these miniature models and also MMA/BJJ (he’s training for a tournament). This was a really cool post and peak into your life!

  11. German food is not my favorite, but there is a German restaurant in Portsmouth, VA that we have been to a few times and it’s a fun place. I do not have any favorite cars, but only care that my car is reliable and safe. My husband on the other hand, loves to buy a new car, so the last time we needed a car, I took his old one and let him get a new one!

    1. What is the place in Portsmouth VA? You might know but I grew up in Chesapeake so I visit my parents down there frequently. I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  12. That a nice hobbies you husband have.
    I like cars but I’m in to motorcycles cruisers and sport bikes.

    If there were a car I’d like it be 1967 camero rs all black.

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