Pregame 4 Miler (24:47)

Two years ago I accidently discovered the Pregame 4 miler and ran a 25:32.  The race is located in north jersey, in Morristown.  Two years ago I confused the towns of Morristown and Moorestown.  Moorestown is roughly 15 minutes from me, where Morristown is 90 minutes.  It turned out I loved the race so much I decided to come back this year too.  Luckily the race start is at 11 am.

As I mentioned in my training log, I had not been sleeping well.  The night before the race finally passed out and slept through the night.  I ended up getting 10 hours of sleep.  It was exactly what I needed.

The Pregame 4 miler has a “polar bear award” that the most naked person wins.  Since the Panthers were playing, I decked out in a Panthers themed outfit.  It included the most naked I could get down too, followed by several temporary tattoos.  Luckily it wasn’t too cold out, so it felt fine.

panthers superbowl 4 miler

We left the house around 8:15 and arrived by 10.  It was an easy drive and almost exclusively all highway.  While signing up, the volunteers gave us two bibs but didn’t specify whose was who.  When my husband and I asked which bib was which they said it didn’t matter. I mentioned would gladly accept the faster run bib (i.e. My husbands).

The bib confusion took longer than anticipated to sort out.  Since I was flustered and in a rush, I somehow put my bib on upside down at the start line.  I’m regularly pushing my limits to get to the start on time, and the bib is the last thing on my mind.  At the race start and during the entire race, no one told me my bib was upside down.  I can file that under most embarrassing race moments.

The race start was quick.  The first half mile is downhill and followed by a slow uphill and another downhill.  I was running in a big crowd of people.  Like last time, we ran by a church which was getting out.  It’s always fun to run by a church when you are half naked (not that I do that often).

I hit the first mile in 6:03. I wasn’t tapered, but because I knew it was the easiest mile, I was worried.  I didn’t know how to race a 4-mile race and just raced it as a 5k with a bonus round.

The second mile began to disseminate the crowd, and I found myself with plenty of room.  I had warmed up the first two miles of the course, so I knew the layout.  We ran up a short incline and by the time I knew it, it was mile 2.  I hit the second mile in 6:09.  I didn’t feel remarkably good or bad.

I knew the third mile was the most difficult.  In the middle, we climbed a steep hill of about 200 feet.  I felt the hill repeats from training keeping me strong.  I was able to climb the hill well and charged the last 1.25.  Two months ago that hill would have crushed me, but on Sunday, I ran it well.  I hit the third mile in 6:22 which I was pleased with.  My overall time was 18:31 and continued to run a 5k in exactly 19:00 (which is where I want to be for race workouts).

During the last mile, I made the six-minute goal to break 25 minutes.

super bowl 4 miler

I sprinted to the end.  The final mile was a blur.  The first half is straight followed by a turn and a short incline.  I finished the last mile in 6:09 and with an overall time of 24:47.

I’ve never had a video focused on me while running but they made videos for some of the finishers.

A lot has happened since running this race two years ago. Back in early 2014, I was in good shape.  In 2014, I ran a 25:32 and two months later, a 1:23:23 half marathon.  This year, I ran 50 seconds faster, and I believe I’m in better fitness.  Mentally the race shows that I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, but I have room to improve.

I was untapered for the race and used it as a workout.  Honestly, it felt like a workout as well.  It was a 19 minute 5k on a challenging course.

Finally, I did not win the Polar Bear contest.  One of the local runners ran in a speedo and held the signs “D” and a “fence” for defense.

Questions for you:
Were you rooting for a team at the Super Bowl?
Have you run a four miler before?



  1. I rooted for the Broncos. I didn’t really care either way, but I thought it would be nice to see Manning win another superbowl. I have not run a 4 miler, though I would like to!

    Sounds like you had a great race – I know you said it wasn’t THAT cold, but damn girl, I’d freeze in runderwear!

  2. The town I grew up in throws on a 4.6ish miler every 4th of July. It is such a fun race! So that kind of counts, right? Stay warm this week- its frigid up in Boston!

    1. There are a few days where the high is only in the teens. I hope you stay warm too, one of my good friends lives in Boston and it sounds freezing right now.

  3. I was rooting for the Broncos, so my Sunday was pretty exciting!|

    Also, the Polar Bear award is kind of unfair! It’s pretty much guaranteed that a guy will win it because it’s socially acceptable for them to have no top at all. They should give a separate award for men and women on that one. 🙂

  4. No fair that you didn’t win the contest! I don’t think the organizers would have let you run in just a speedo. Great outfit though I love the touches of Panther pride. Great race!

  5. I cheered for the Panthers as I live in SC and they are the closest team to us, we have family in Charlotte too and have always wanted to go to a game. I think you should’ve won the contest because you got as naked as you could legally and so did that guy. I mean you were running in a sports bra when there’s snow on the ground. That’s pretty hardcore. Also your running doesn’t look very awkward to me, you have really good arm carriage which is something I need to work on personally.

    The bib thing is weird. I have volunteered at packet pick up at many races and have always been very careful about making sure each family member gets the correct bib. Otherwise speedy dad winds up running in the small child category and accidentally wins… it happens especially in small races or when people are rushed, or they just don’t know that each person needs to wear the correct bib and they have 4-5 people signed up. I think it’s a neat touch that your bib is on upside down haha!

  6. I was “cheering” for the Broncos, but it was a random decision since I’m not really into football. And that’s totally not fair about you not winning the polar bear award! Like did they expect you to run in a thong? Also… I think I might have died if I ever saw someone running in a speedo 😆

  7. My hometown! 🙂 I live in Central PA now but my family still lives in Morristown – didn’t even know they had that race!

    1. That’s awesome. Have you ever been to the Morristown Diner? I had my eye on it LOL. I believe the race is only 4 years old.

      What part of central PA? I have family that lives in the Chambersburg area.

      1. My brother lives at the diner. Which might mean nothing in regards to the quality – he’s not very picky in regards to food 🙂 I’ve been there lots but not since high school and I’m 31 so…I live in Selinsgrove – 20 minutes south of Bucknell University! I work at Susquehanna.

  8. My bibs are always crooked. I don’t know how people perfectly place theirs. Putting it on upside down is something I’d do too. I said it yesterday but I seriously don’t know how you ran with so few clothes in those temperatures. It was so cold here! You should have won for the most naked award… obviously you can’t compete against a guy who needs a different amount of clothes. They should do one for females and one for males.

  9. OMG, that video is awesome! You are so dialed in, and the two dudes in front of you are dying. 🙂

  10. Not sure if this went through or not … but those two dudes in front of you look like they’re dying, and you are so dialed in. 🙂

  11. Nice outfit – too bad you didn’t win! You’re in seriously amazing shape right now – I bet you’re going to crush your next half!

  12. Man I can’t even imagine running a 4 miler! I’m still having trouble racing shorter distances in general, but I’ve never even attempted a 4 miler. I feel like I’d have a hard time going out fast ENOUGH because by now I’m more used to running 5 milers than 5ks. Congrats on a great race! You looked super strong in the finisher video too!

  13. I’ve run a couple 4 mile races. It is kind of nice if you run the same race in different years to see how far your fitness has come. In Nov 2010 I ran a 38 something and then 2 years later I ran the same race in a 33 something. It was awesome to see how far I came.

  14. Sounds like a fun race and you did awesome! I’ve ran a 4 miler before but it didn’t go that great.. haha we went to a Sam Hunt country concert the night before so the race was much slower than usual. I like the 4 mile distance though!

  15. I ran a 4 mile race once and had no clue what I was going hahah I ended up positive splitting like a champ! Who would have thought that extra .9 would throw me off! I’m racing a 20k in march…..that should be just as interesting !

  16. Wow , congrats on a great race. Too bad about the polar bear prize, but second female is awesome!

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