Training: Possums and 71 Miles

The first week of training in February started off well.  Like I mentioned last week, February is a month to get through.  I’m training through the month and not tapering for anything.  All of my planned races will provide quality workouts for bigger Spring Races.

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: 6X1 mile repeats (6:27 pace)
Thursday: Easy Run
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Easy Run
Sunday: Pregame 4 miler (24:47)
 Total:  71 miles

To be honest, there isn’t a lot to say about this week.  My easy runs were done easy and for the most part, they were uneventful.  I did run into this guy on Thursday.

possum running

South Jersey is not for the city slickers I guess.

Workout Wednesday: 6X1 hill mile repeats with 90 seconds rest

I posted on Instagram, but I was not in the mood for this workout.  I was tired and had psyched myself out for the run.  Most of the time, I don’t get nervous for a workout but this time, I was.  I let negative thoughts creep in, and I almost scrapped the workout altogether.

I can typically tell how I run will go by my warm up, and the warm up did not feel good.  Even though I felt awful, I decided to do the workout.  Why?  Because I wasn’t sick or physically hurt, I was just mentally tired.  There was no reason not too, except my nerves.

I plugged along the repeats and averaged a 6:27 pace.  I was surprised they were that fast to be honest.

All smiles afterwards though
All smiles afterwards though

Workouts #2: Pregame 4 miler:

I ran this race in 2014 but not 2015 (I was in Rochester that weekend).  Despite the race being a far drive, it’s a race I enjoy doing.  My husband and I make a day trip to North Jersey out of it.  Plus, with the Panthers in the Super Bowl, I had to find some way to support my team.  In summary, I ran a 24:47 which is a 6:11 pace (with a 19:00 5k).  It didn’t feel good or bad, but it did feel like a workout.  I have no complaints, and the race was exactly what I wanted.  My husband had a great breakthrough race for his current fitness and ran a 23:20.

It’s hard to tell, but I was rocking plenty of Panthers tattoos and colors.

super bowl 4 miler


I’m happy with how both the workout and race went.  Both are the most important runs of the week, and I was pleased to have solid efforts in both.  As I said in my monthly log last week, February is about getting quality miles and training for Spring races.

I’m not getting enough sleep recently, and it has played a role in my training.  Some days it’s because I’m tossing and turning in bed, other days it’s because I’m living my outside of running life.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a little better next week.

Questions for you:

How have you been sleeping?

What do you do to get over running nerves?