Brooklawn Diner (Gloucester City)

The Brooklawn Diner (Gloucester City)

Last month, my parents and I drove by a metallic diner in Gloucester City.  The Brooklawn Diner looked great from the outside, so we were excited to try it out!  We planned to go to a different diner, but we saw this one along our route and decided to try it out.

Brooklawn Diner Atmosphere: A 

The outside of the Brooklawn Diner is a typical metallic and shiny building.  The reason we decided to stop was that the exterior was so inviting!  The inside of the Brooklawn Diner is nice as well with blue hologram lights and the diner is lined with booths and tables.  You can’t get a classier diner then that!   

Brooklawn Diner Service: A-

The service started somewhat shaky, but the waitress opened up at the end.  She made sure we were all taken care of.  Another random thing I found extremely welcoming was the hostess pulled out my chair for me.  That earned a lot of bonus points!

Brooklawn Diner Coffee: A 

The coffee at the Brooklawn Diner was a local brew from the Melrose Diner.  It was good.  It wasn’t anything unique or crazy, but I have no complaints and the waitress gave plenty if refills.

brooklawn diner coffee

Brooklawn Diner Food: F 

The Brooklawn Diner menu has a lot of different options from breakfast to full dinners.  There isn’t anything unusual or unique but it has the entire typical diner fare.

This time I ordered a greek salad. It was surprising that the diner didn’t have pita bread at all.  I think this might be the first diner I’ve been too that lacked it. In my personal opinion, a salad that is marketed towards a meal should include bread.

I asked for rye bread instead and received a piece of unbuttered, cold, straight out of the package rye bread.  The piece of salmon was also tiny.

brooklawn diner salad

If I was only rating my food, I would have given the diner a C.  However, my mom found a piece of black hair in her hash.

Brooklawn Diner Price: $

For five people, the bill at the Brooklawn Diner came out to $60.  The Brooklawn Diner ended up removing mom’s meal because of the hash incident.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 

Honestly probably not.  The staff was friendly at the Brooklawn Diner, but the food was boring and bland.  Plus who wants a hairy meal surprise?

Atmosphere: A 
Service: A-
Coffee: A
Food: F
Price: $8-12
Overall: C

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Questions for you: 
Have you ever found a piece of hair in your food?
Should bread come with meals?


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  1. No pita bread is unacceptable. We need to go to The Cheesecake Factory. They have the best free bread!

  2. I am totally in the camp of having bread with a meal! Especially pita with something Greek! Not cool, Brooklawn Diner, not cool!!

  3. Bread is cheap for a restaurant to buy and should definitely come with any meal! And the hair in your mom’s hash…just gross!

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