Training Log: Sick and RnR Philly

Last week was not what I wanted at all. I began my week on a great note. I felt good, and my runs were also feeling good. On Tuesday, I stressed myself out and found myself sick Tuesday night. Not the normal, tapering sick, but I believe I weakened my immune system with stress and everything came together.

I didn’t feel well enough to run, so I didn’t. It was frustrating because I had been excited to do well at RnR Philadelphia…but what can you do?

Instead of running, I slept in, rested and recovered.

Monday: Easy run
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy Run
Saturday: RnR Half Marathon (1:25.45)
Sunday: Easy Run and volunteering at the Bridge Run 10k


As you can see, I skipped my speed workout. I don’t like to run if I feel sick, so I didn’t. Was I happy with the week? Of course not, who likes to be sick? To be honest, it’s better than an injury, and there are worse things in life. I’ll get over it.

I have a lot to say about RnR Philadelphia. It’s a great time for me right now. It’s just 2 minutes over my PR, but I know I have a lot more in me. I didn’t run the time feeling well. I’m happy with my progression, but I do believe my fitness is faster. My official time was 1:25.45 and I was 24th in my age group.

rnr philadelphia

Next week:

I feel like I’m feeling better and can get more into a routine. I’ll go back to speed workouts and see how I progress from there. The weather is cooler and I’m still chasing PRs in every distance.

Questions for you:

Do you workout when you are sick?

How was your week of training?

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  1. Stress absolutely can make you sick. I’m sorry it was a rough week for you, but I’m so happy you were still able to run the half (in a truly incredible time). Thank you so much for cheering at the Bridge 10K today! It seriously made that last mile a LOT easier!

  2. Good job in your half marathon
    Yeah hate when I’m sick so I like to rest and veg out
    ..Happy running

  3. Ugh – it looks as though we had the same week, except I didn’t have the stellar race to show for it at the end! I make myself sick through stress routinely, but it’s so hard to stop when the anxiety is so very overwhelming. You ran such a great time, and I’m sure that when you’re feeling better that PR will be yours.

  4. Stress can definitely make one sick, very sick. My first job out of college was with a large company and very stressful, corporate, and cold (not temperature wise, but attitude wise). I was at the doctor every other month with a cold or some ailment. In fact that stressful job and time period was the only time I ever had the flu! Now, I rarely get sick but when I do it’s usually so bad that I can’t or don’t run. I run 6 days a week so if I’m sick, that’s sort of a sign I need a break…

    Congratulations for running the half marathon even though it wasn’t your best time and you didn’t feel 100%. At least you were able to get out there and enjoy the run, and that’s what matters.

  5. Congratulations, that’s another amazing time… Hope you’re feeling better now, but you definitely did the right thing taking a few days off. I always rest when I’m sick, as the immune system needs take priority.

  6. That’s a really awesome time! And you’re getting so close to your PR! It really seems like you’ve made so much progress since you’ve been running again (it seems like your last injury was really recent, but I think time is just flying). I think rest days are smart if you’re sick! Especially with a half coming up. There are days where I’m sick and just want to work out, and there are other days where I’m sick and it’s the last thing I want to do. I just listen to how I feel and go with it. I trust that my body will let me know if I want rest!

  7. Depends on what I’m sick with. If I have a head cold, I usually feel better if I work out (nothing crazy, just an easy run or something). If I have whole body aches, then I usually pass and opt for as much sleep as I can get. I’ve never had the flu before, but I’m going to assume that’s an obvious one to skip the workout on! Hope you’re feeling back to 100%!

  8. I try and take it easy if I’m feeling like I am getting sick, but take a complete rest if it’s getting close to a race. I also load up on veggies and get tons of sleep. Sorry to haven’t been feeling hot, hope you feel better soon!

  9. I’m so sorry that happened!!! I was so worried of getting sick before NYC. You did well despite but I know what it feels like to not have your “A” race. Onward to bigger and better for you!!

  10. I’m such a baby when I get sick, so I pretty much just curl up into a ball and watch Lifetime movies instead of doing things I should. Philly was AMAZING on Saturday, I couldn’t even believe it and you crushed it!!

  11. CONGRATS AGAIN on Philly! Sick is way better than injury but either way I hope you feel better SOON! Plus pushing your body while your sick is a good way to get injured so good job listening to your body!

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