Sizzlefish Review

A few weeks ago, Sizzlefish sent me their Paleo Prime Fish package to try out. I was extremely excited because seafood is my favorite type of meat. In my household, we normally make simple meals like grilled seafood, salad and potato (or bread…). Sizzlefish is a perfect fit for us.

I was lucky Sizzlefish was on board and sent their Paleo Prime Plus fish packages to review. Since I like seafood, I knew this would be a product I would enjoy. I also didn’t have to go grocery shopping the day before to pick up fresh seafood. With the wild caught seafood, it’s like premium grocery shopping without grocery shopping.  So much winning and so little time.

sizzlefish review

The Sizzlefish Review Package arrived at my door when it was scheduled too. It arrived completely frozen with dry ice and with exact directions of how to dethaw each type of fish. It made it easy for me not to mess up.

 The Sizzlefish Paleo Package Plus comes with:

This was perfect for our household because we are two people and it came with two portions. I will say due to running and activity level, we opted to each eat two different portions for each meal.

I normally buy seafood at the grocery store.  I’m fortunate that we buy fresh seafood so I wasn’t sure how I would feel with the Sizzlefish frozen and coming straight to our door.  Honestly, Sizzlefish tastes fresh and removes the hassle of actual grocery shopping as well.  I have absolutely no complaints about the quality of seafood and would highly recommend it to anyone.


Here are some different meals we cooked: 

This tilipia salad is the best salad I have ever made by myself. I'm a big girl now.
Grilled Cod, feta, blackberries and balsamic dressing with extra olive oil
Sablefish, potato and a lot of kale
Haddock, potato and a lot of kale
Baking salmon with a little bit of BBQ sauce on it.
Baked salmon peices with BBQ sauce
Grilled Sablefish and sweet potato
Grilled Sablefish and sweet potato

Overall thoughts:

I really like Sizzlefish. I love how the fish comes straight to your doorstep. They are already portioned out and they give you a variety of options. I had honestly never heard of sablefish until now but it was great to try something new!

I will also say that the Customer Service is second to none. Their twitter and instagram handle are both extremely friendly.   I had the honor to meet some of their company at the RnR Expo and they are friendly in real life too. It is truly a great company with a great product. It was fun to do a Sizzlefish Review and I have had nothing but a positive experience. I would recommend them to anyone to anyone who likes fish and shellfish. 

 Questions for you:

Have you ever tried Sizzlefish?

Do you prefer making easy recipes or something fancy and unique? 

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  1. I love seafood too, I am actually a pescatarian!!! Never heard of Sizzlefish but it sounds like a great company with a great product. I like to cook simple meals during the week and a fancy meal on the weekends. Thanks for sharing

  2. There are a few food services which have been on my radar for a while. This is one of them due to me only eating seafood. The salmon with BBQ sauce looks DELISH! Have me over for din din when Tim is away!!! We can go grocery shopping and grill fish. Then bitch about running injuries and weird things which happen to us (mostly, you haha!).

  3. I really need to try Sizzlefish. Our local grocery store gets crappy looking fish and the Whole Foods is too far to drive too often. I also like that it is frozen. I tried Blue Apron, but the ingredients would often go bad before I got a chance to cook the meals. Those scallops look SO good!

    1. We grill and sauté them most of the time. I’ve personally found simple, easy recipes to be the easiest!

  4. I’ve thought about trying Sizzlefish before because we don’t get any fresh fish where I live so it seems like such a great option. And delivered right to you? Can’t beat that!!

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