Deborah Hospital 5k (20:07)

This past weekend, Tim, Dad and myself ran the Deborah 5k. In the midst of moving, we decided to sign up for a 5k…because why not?

The evening before I had to work late. Our family ended up going to the Metro Diner but not eating until 9pm. Most people know, I normally eat around 5-6pm. I was starving and eating late was not great for the race. I went to bed stuffed and I woke up…stuffed. This is important because I felt terrible at the start of the race. I almost never have diet and nutrition issues for running but I was not feeling good at the start.

I did a 3 mile warmup and lined up at the start. There was a local cross country team with 15 boys too who were running too. They all invaded the line. I stood a few rows back with Tim. It was really foggy out.

The air siren went and off we went. I didn’t feel great. I started as third women overall. The first mile felt extremely long. I estimated I was going about 6:30 pace but much to my surprise my watch beeped a 6:09 first mil. It was extremely motivating because last time I felt like that awful I ran a personal worst.

During the second mile, we ran into fog and on back roads. I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me. I ran with a couple of the cross country kids. I could feel them starting to fade while I felt decent. I passed a couple of them and by the end of the second mile I found myself running with a pack of two guys. We hit the second mile at 6:21.

The third mile weaved back towards the start. There were more turns and elevation changes. One of the local kids passed me again. We also passed two shoes that appeared to have been kicked off by one of the leaders. The third mile went by pretty quickly and by the time I knew it we were heading into the finishers shoot. I felt the effects of the meal beforehand and ran the third mile in 6:45.

I crossed the finish line in 20:07 and as 1st female overall. Later on we learned the male had lost one shoe during the race so just decided to kick off the other and ran the last mile barefoot!

deborah 5k me


It was a really motivational run for me because I did not feel good at all yet was able to run a 20:07. That is a good time for me right now. It definitely shows I’m progressing in the right direction.

Questions for you:

What time do you normally eat dinner?

Would you kick off your shoes in a race?

No, my shoes have come untied a few times during races and I’ve always stopped and tied them.

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  1. Congratulations on your win and having a good race despite the dinner issues. Sometimes even the races that aren’t the best can build confidence like that, just because you know you’re not going in at 100% and you still run a good time.

    I am so crazy about eating early the night before a race for that same reason (and because my food needs time to digest and race mornings are usually early mornings…). Like you, I usually eat dinner early, around 6 or so. The only exception is if I’m running in the evenings- like a group run. Then, I usually eat around 7-7:30, but most days lunch is my primary meal anyway. I hate going to bed feeling super stuffed.

  2. I normally eat dinner around 7pm. We do the gym after work, so that’s when we get home. Yay for food prep on the weekends though, so we only have to heat up dinner! I would NEVER kick my shoes off during a race. I saw a guy run the last 5 miles of a half marathon in his socks. It was bad.

    Congrats on a great race despite how bad you felt!

  3. I’d be motivated too if I started off the race feeling poorly, and then was able to pull off a more than decent run. Running races so often, you get to really see yourself improving! That must be a fun feeling. With the temps going down and moves out of the way, 😉 I’m excited to see what you’ll be running this fall.
    I’ll eat dinner between 6 and 8. I hate eating after 8 because I usually go to bed feeling full and can’t sleep, and then the run the next morning is more likely to be interrupted by #2.
    I’ve kicked off my shoes before 🙂 It was in the last half mile of a 5K, and on a cross country golf course, so it was actually super pleasant. I’d rather come in with a few blisters than lose time 😉

  4. I usually eat dinner around 6-7om, depending on when I get home. I used to eat earlier and could definitely tell in the morning because I was starving. Good job taking 1st woman!!

  5. Awesome, awesome! Sidebar: That’s why I eat relatively early too. There’s nothing worse than waking up and starting a workout feeling stuffed to the gills.

  6. Congrats on your race and your win! To run that time while just feeling okay is freaking awesome – not to mention winning! I’ve never kicked my shoe off mid race but my current 5K PR was run with one of my shoes untied! It came undone around mile 1.5 and I ran it in like that. I was terrified of tripping but I was so not stopping!!!

  7. Usually eat around 630-7pm, however night before a race we try to eat a little earlier around 5-6pm.

    I wouldn’t even consider kicking off my other shoe. I would totally stop and re-tie. Congrats on a good time and you’ll be breaking 19 again before you know it.

  8. You know I am totally with you on the Grandma dinner time the night before races! Congrats on the win!

  9. There is no chance I would ever run shoeless… I’d be too paranoid I’d step on a rock. Congrats on a great race! Especially during a crazy weekend …. have a fab Monday!

  10. Congrats on the win!! I can’t imagine running without a shoe. I did it enough times on the beach during my lifeguard days but I’m always so afraid of stepping on something, I’d basically be hopping all over the place avoiding rocks and other things on the road.

  11. That is a great race, Congratulations. I also have to eat early or I will sooooo regret it during a race. I would not kick my shoes off. I would not to be able to stop thinking about peoples sweat, spit etc. Again great job

  12. I like to eat around 6pm light dinner mostly pasta, I always double tie my shoes, lol

    Good job on your race your doing great keep the good work..

  13. OUCH! I can barely run 10 yards without shoes on gravel. Maybe on a trail, but no way on a road!

  14. kick ass! I normally eat dinner sometime around 6 or so. I get home from work at about 530, and so we usually eat at 6-7 or so. And maybe if the race was on grass, but nope. I guess it also depends on how far I had till the finish. if it were a short while? yeah lets do this barefoot. if not? nooo thank you!

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