The Garden State Diner

Garden State Diner (Wrightstown, NJ)

A while ago my husband and I went to the Garden Wrightstown Diner. We’ve driven by multiple times and it’s never been crowded.  In fact the maximum number of cars I’ve ever seen in the lot is five.  We decided to go during his lunch break since it would probably be a quick and easy lunch.  When we arrived there was one other party in the restaurant.

Atmosphere: B

The outside was interesting and it definitely drew you in as you drive by.  The inside is a typical, uneventful New Jersey diner.  There is nothing interesting to write home about.  It’s clean but nothing unique or that stands out.

Service: D 

There was only one other party in the restaurant for 75% of the time we were there.  I’m honestly not sure what happened but the waitress only came over once to bring us our food.  She never asked if we wanted a coffee refill or came out to check on us.  I didn’t think we were needy but it would have been nice to get a coffee refill.

Coffee: F 
The coffee mugs were small and the diner was out of whipped cream.  As I said earlier the waitress also never came over to refill the coffee.  It was disappointing at best.  (So sorry…forgot to take a photo and never received a coffee refill…)

Food: F

The Garden State Diner didn’t have a lot of options for food. It had a few breakfast options and lunch.  There was nothing interesting or exciting.  I decided to be a plain Jane and ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich.  The food wasn’t good or bad.  Honestly the chicken salad tasted like store bought (and not even Wegmans store bought).  The sandwich was just soggy and the bread wasn’t toasted.  It was disappointing.  The fries were clearly frozen and they needed to be microwaved longer.

Garden State Sandwich
At least it took a nice photo…

Price: $$
My meal was only 10 dollars, however, the portion size or the quality did not even reflect that.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 
It was not my favorite diner and I probably won’t be back, however, there aren’t too many other restaurants around if you need to stop.  The food and the service left a lot to be desired.  I would probably drive the extra 20 minutes anywhere else.  That being said the food was edible.

Oh well you can’t win them all.

Cliff Notes: 
Atmosphere: B 
Service: D 
Coffee: F
Food: F
Price: $10-15
Overall: D

Questions for you: 
Have you ever been the only party in a restaurant?
Do you ever eat at a restaurant during your lunch break?

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  1. Sorry about this diner but I seriously love reading your diner reviews, and I love that you post them on Saturdays!!

    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoy the diner reviews Laura. Do you have a favorite diner yourself?

  2. I’ve been one of the last in a group to leave a restaurant….that was a good memory, and I tend to eat at cafes for a lunch break on the run….

  3. Ugh thats so disappointing! I tend to not eat at restaurants for my lunch break from work, just because it’s happened before where I thought I had enough time and then the service was slow or something like that that made me late. I get very nervous about that sort of thing hahah.

    1. I used to get nervous too that I might be late when we went out for work. I normally order take out right now down the road now!

  4. Ah man! Slow service when the restaurant/bar isn’t busy really annoys me. I realize my standards are probably skewed from being in NYC so long, but patience still isn’t my virtue!

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