The Palace Diner (Berlin)

Palace Diner (Berlin, NJ)

Last week Liz and I had an impromptu date at the Palace Diner.  It was one of the last diners I had not tried in Gloucester County.  I used to drive by the Palace Diner on the way to Berlin.

We got there on Sunday around 5:45. Last Sunday was the least crowded I had ever seen the parking lot  Normally the parking lot of the Palance Diner is packed, but on Sunday there were only 15 cars in the lot.

Palace Diner Atmosphere: B 

For the name “The Palace Diner” you would expect a much more “Palace like” atmosphere.  The atmosphere was average, and nothing stood out.

Photo credit NJ Isn't Boring
Photo credit NJ Isn’t Boring

The inside of the Palace Diner was the standard diner layout.  There were lots of booths and tables as well as a bar.  You walked in next to a small bakery. The cake was advertised as coming from the famous Mastoris and the Palace Diner is part of the Mastoris Family.  The diner itself was but not the Palace I was expecting! The Palace Diner is the dining experience for a delicious quick cup of coffee or casual dinner.

Palace Diner Coffee: A 

At the Palace Diner, they use the local made Lacus Coffee.  I must say it is one of my favorite coffee brews, and I have several bags at home.  It was a delicious coffee. The waitress always made sure we had refills. I like Lacus coffee, so I was thrilled.  The coffee was probably the highlight of the entire trip to the Palace Diner.

Palace Coffee Whipped Cream

Palace Diner Food: B 

The Palace Diner menu isn’t as extensive as most diners. They specialized more in seafood, greek, and sandwiches.  I was surprised it wasn’t huge because when I think of a palace, I think of many options.

I ordered the large Greek salad with salmon.  To be honest, the salad was decent but not great. The lettuce was rather watery, and it lacked very many toppings.  There was only one olive!  I didn’t hate the salad, but it wasn’t my favorite.  They did provide a lot of salmon and cheese, so I was excited by that.  Salmon and cheese is the best part anyway!

Palace Diner Salad

Palace Diner Dessert: B 

Since I was still hungry, I ordered “The King Cake.”

Palace Diner King Cake

At the Palace Diner, the King Cake is a three-layered cake with whipped cream frosting, cheesecake, and a small layer of chocolate cake.  It was good but not the best cake I’ve had.  I had such high expectations because of the amount of whipped cream!

I would probably not order it again.  I was shocked because Mastoris bakery is well known in NJ.  The cake was not on the same level as other cake I’ve had from Mastoris.

Palace Diner Cost: $

The Palace Diner was relatively inexpensive, and for my coffee, salad, and cake it was 20 dollars.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Palace Diner? 

Honestly, I’m not sure if I had higher expectations for the diner, but it was a bit of a letdown.  There was nothing terrible, but it didn’t stand out as I expected it too.  When I think of a Palace, I think of something grand!

I will say, however, the service and coffee was excellent.  There are plenty of other diners I enjoy much more that are closer to my house.

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: B
Dessert: B
Cost: $10-15
Overall: B

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Questions for you: 

When you think of a Palace restaurant, what do you think of? 

Are there any local coffees you like?

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  1. I love when places support the locals or make their own things. Makes it much more authentic!

  2. Local coffee is really good. People are really picky when it comes to their favorite brew. I honestly like weaker coffee. It’s odd because I could get the best dark brew if I wanted it. I just like the coffee taste, so if it’s weak I’m ok with that (I drink decaf lol)
    A diner name The Palace sounds kind of middle eastern. I’m getting visions of Aladdin. Was your friend Liz’s meal good?

  3. I love a few local coffees, it seems like Michigan is really amping up their coffee production lately and I’m not complaining. Every time you review a Greek salad I wonder how it would compare to my favorite diner. The large Greek is made to share but still only $8, it’s my favorite hungry runner meal lol.

  4. So I drove through Jersey yesterday. I obviously thought of you and almost stopped at one of the many diners. 🙂

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