Training: 58 Miles

The previous week of training did not go as anticipated.  I got the stomach bug after (stupidly) using coffee creamer that I probably shouldn’t. It didn’t smell or look bad but looking back it was pretty old.

Long story short it caused me to take a couple days off from running because my stomach hurt.

Monday: 10 miles easy Core 15 minutes
Tuesday: 10 miles fast finish
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 10 miles (with ten striders)
Saturday: Belmar 5 (33:04)
Sunday: 15 mile long run Core 15 minutes

On Monday I felt pretty good. My deep tissue massage last Saturday left me feeling fresh. I took the run easy since it was two days post firecracker race. My body is the most susceptible to injury two days after a race. On Monday I finished my run and felt excited to see how the week would go.

On Tuesday I was able to battle through the heat with a fast finish run. It wasn’t anything interesting but I finished the last 2 miles much faster than the first 8.

As I said earlier Wednesday and Thursday were rest days for me. I normally have a stomach of steal but I believe I used creamer that was probably bad. It led to feeling an extremely uncomfortable and lying around most of both days. However no one gets injured from extra rest days…

On Friday I decided to run. I didn’t feel as awful as I anticipated but my stomach cramped the entire run and my legs felt stiff.   If it wasn’t for some newly downloaded Iggy Azalea music, I don’t know how I would have made it through.

Thanks Iggy
Thanks Iggy

On Saturday I raced the Belmar 5. Despite all of my issues I didn’t feel as bad as I anticipated. The race didn’t go as well as I would have liked but it wasn’t a complete loss. I’m satisfied with the results but I know I can run faster.

Cooling down on the shore
Cooling down on the shore

Then on Sunday I did a 15-mile long run.  Instead of doing 25 miles for my 25th birthday, I ran about 25k. It’s my longest run since the marathon.   Even though I’m training for shorter races right now, I think it’s important to occasionally get a longer run in. Not every week needs a long run but it worked out well this week. Surprisingly my long run was my best run of the week.

I started to log my core workouts here again. Recently I have been doing more core but with my stomach this week the last thing I wanted to do was upset it.

Next week:

I hope to get back on the consistent bandwagon of adding more speed work.

Questions for you:

Do you have a stomach of steel?

I normally do but last week really knocked me down.

What was your best workout last week?