Last weekend we sold my car.  As most people know, I’ve kept the same car since getting my drivers license in 2006.

Selling my car was a little bit more emotional than I assumed it would be.  Just thinking about it, I spent nearly a decade with my 2000 Pontiac Firebird but there are some things you just have to let go.  Plus as most people know, I recently purchased a new (to me) car so there is no need for two cars.

Here is a brief history of Lorraine and I: 

During high school I worked as a lifeguard and saved for a car.  One thing I will always be grateful for was my parents teaching me how to budget and save for items you want to buy.

First drive (after doing an open water swim...no arm tattoo for me ;)
First drive (after doing an open water swim…no arm tattoo for me 😉

After shopping around with DadLOLZ, we found Lorraine.  Talking to various used car dealerships was an adventure in itself. We test-drove her around and within an hour, I knew she was “the one”.

It took time to convince mom but ultimately she allowed me to buy the car.

Lorarine was with me during high school.

During college…

college snow life.
college snow life.

During work in Oswego, my move to Texas, my move back to Virginia and into New Jersey.


Posing on my 21st birthday (but not driving ;)
Posing on my 21st birthday (but not driving 😉

We’ve traveled 28 states and had our fair share of adventures.

Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton.  After a 16 mile you don't want to come back to that...
Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton. After a 16 mile you don’t want to come back to that…

She hauled all of my life possessions several times and even a mattress and box springs.

I got my coffee and my car...
I got my coffee and my car…

But it is time to say goodbye and relocate you to a new home.

Goodbye beautiful Lorraine.
Goodbye beautiful Lorraine.

It was obviously a little more difficult than I imagined but there comes a time in life that you must let things go.  This is the best time and I know she is in a good home.

Questions for you:

What was your first car?

What is the most expensive item you have ever purchased?

For me, it’s my car Gretchen but some of those full marathons (NYCM) will set you back too. 😉

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  1. I get super attached to my cars as well, and I had a reaaaaaally, really hard time giving up a couple of them. I’ve never travelled so much with any of mine, but I used to street race and you kind of get attached when you spend so much time working on and personalizing a car.

  2. Most expensive thing I’ve purchased was a house. Hand was shaking a little bit while writing that check and signing all the documents! Fortunately that doesn’t happen often! I was pretty attached to my last car and it was hard to say goodbye! And yes, some races are crazy expensive and could be a car payment in themselves! 🙂

    1. My hands were shaking when I bought my car so I cannot even imagine how a new house would feel!

  3. I can’t imagine what is going to happen when I have to get a new car. That is why I’m saving coins in a large deer park bottle, I’m planning to drive my car until it won’t drive anymore and then buy a Porsche with my coins to offset the sadness. I figure I can stretch that out or another 7-10 years…maybe

  4. I am very attached to my car. I’m on Car #2, but I was attached to my first one as well and it was hard to let it go. In those years I have lived in 3 cities and way more residences than I’ve had cars. I got my current car (2001 Honda Accord coupe) in 2006 with the money I saved from college, as it was money set aside for me for school and I got a full ride. Clay’s talked about getting a new car/SUV and giving me his since it’s newer and getting rid of mine but I just don’t want to!

    You definitely have an attachment to Lorraine because you have moved around a LOT and I’m sure you had a ton of miles on that car with the move to Texas, then to NJ, plus trips to VA and of course going to college in NY! It looks like you were good to Lorraine and in return she was good to you :). But I totally understand buying a new car because eventually repairs and upkeep costs go up to the point where it’s just more economical (and dependable) to buy a newer vehicle.

    My biggest purchase ever? A home. Well, the down payment for it.

  5. My first car was actually passed down from my grandparents. It was a Buick regal in the most typical old-lady color of beige. It was super comfortable and nice but looked like a grandma car haha! The first one that I actually bought is a Ford Focus hatchback which I love! That would definitely be the biggest purchase I’ve ever made, but I also bought a violin a few years ago that was also expensive.

    1. I never realized how expensive musical instruments were until my brothers began playing the cello and bass! Holy moly! I’m glad I can’t carry a tune at all. 😉

  6. My parents thankfully got me my first car (well, I wasn’t allowed to call it “my” car, it was the “3rd family car”) but I had to save for my second car when my brother got his license and buy my own, which I’m still paying off 3 years later. It was an expensive purchase which I feel like is a big part of why we feel that attachment. It becomes a huge part of your life that you’re proud of!

  7. First car was a Toyota 4Runner. I was obsessed with it. I always have a hard time letting go of my cars, because even though I’m excited for a new one, I remember all the good memories with my old car. HA you nailed that on the head NYCM… #ForeverPoor… But really, saving for and paying for graduate school was a pretty penny.

  8. Noooooo! So many good memories with this automobile. It’s pretty bad when I know your old car’s name by memory HAHA! But your new BMW (as you know), I adorrreeee and might steal at the next diner date. I’ll make a quick getaway!

  9. First car I ever drove was a 1995 white Plymouth Acclaim, but it was my parents car. First car I owned was a 1999 Honda Accord and I had that thing for 11 years – it wasn’t hard to part ways though because I bought a new Accord.

    Most expensive purchase – new home! Ackk…

  10. I’m pretty attached to my car … and even more attached to my bikes! It sounds weird, but when you spend so much time with something to suddenly *not* have it anymore. Lorraine will never be replaced, but Gretchen seems like a suitable car too. 😉

  11. Gah. I have a Camaro that I could never part with (fbodies unite!) My husband also has a TransAm. I, however, completely disagree. There is totally a reason to have two cars. I have two and my husband has three. Together we own five because neither one of us wanted to part with our babies. Maybe one day we will, but for now we’ll enjoy each and every one of them 🙂

    1. I would have loved to keep my car as well it I should have mentioned my husband has two cars so together we didn’t need four! I like Cameros a lot as well.

  12. I feel your aching 💗!
    My first car was a jeep wrangler. So much fun! But when I eventually decided to buy a new car (with air conditioning, power windows and door locks and heated seats, oh my!) I just couldn’t part with it, so I gave it to my dad! It worked out perfectly because he loved it and it was still in the family.

    My most expensive purchase was our house. Worth every penny.

  13. Wowie! How many miles did Lorraine have? That’s quite the journey you took her on. 🙂 I’ve never had my own car, but I imagine I will soon…

  14. I was SO GLAD to get rid of all of my cars! My first was a 1997 Honda Civic that I had till I totaled it right before Iraq in 2008 (I got it in 2002). My parents bought me that car, but we got a check for only $500 less than they paid for it when we totaled it, so that was nice! I have a 2011 Honda Civic now and this is my first car that I purchased on my own. My most expensive thing I bought was my house, but because of my VA loan, I never actually put a downpayment down on it… So I guess the most money I’ve ever taken out of the bank at one time went to Jon’s new Jeep recently. That one hurt more than my house did for sure.

  15. The first care I drove was a Plymouth Breeze that my parents allotted to us for school. This past summer I finally bought my first car, Marge (named after Margaret Thatcher, no idea why, it just fit) and she is a Dodge Stratus complete with bumper stickers. I love her, she and I have made it to two races in complete while out snow storms <3 I trust her completely!

    1. Oh my lanta, I remember driving through a blizzard coming back from a race in Upstate NY. That was pretty scary, I had to pull over!

  16. Oh, the feels. I can sympathize, I’ve had my same car since I got my driver’s license in 2008 and I do not know how i will ever give it up in the future…It’s a Saturn Ion. Black with silver detailing along the top. I knew it was mine the second I test drove it too, just like you said about Lorraine.

    1. It was certainly a really hard thing to do. Hopefully you won’t need to give up your car anytime soon.

  17. You make a lot of memories in cars, so it’s hard to see them go. That being said, I still have not had my own car yet. Someday soon I hope. The most expensive thing I’ve purchased so far was probably my college degree.

    1. Ugh this is true about college as well. I was extremely lucky I received a lot of scholarships to help offset the cost.

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