Running Gives Me a Lot

Today is National Running Day. First and foremost, happy running to my family and friends, blog readers (both near and far).  Happy running day to readers I’ve run with and readers I wish I could run with!

This is such a fun day because so many people talk about how they began running.  Personally, I enjoy hearing about how others found running in their own personal lives.

I’ve written countless blog posts about my start to running and how I’ve progressed.  Right now there isn’t much more to say.  I enjoy running and I continue to run!

In cliff notes: I swam until senior year of college.  Then I quit swimming and began running.  I went from a 12:12 mile to a 3:15 marathon.  All of that took time, effort and growing as a person both mentally and physically.  It also took a lot of negatives to go along with the positives.  Each injury taught me something and each success taught me something.

One of my first races
One of my first races
One of my last races
One of my last races

However, this post is about things I’ve gained far better than PRs.  It is about the relationships I’ve built and friends I’ve made.

My husband and I met through collegiate racing.  He ran for a nearby school.  Our first few dates were actually miserable runs.  It was cold, extremely windy and cows smell bad in upstate NY.  So when you think about romantic, that was it!  Running with my husband

Running with my husband

Three years later, running is still something we love to do together.  Since our first run together, we have ran many races and in several states.  We run during the good, the bad and pretty much all of the times.  We don’t run every run together of course, but it is nice to share a hobby together (since I don’t fix cars and he does not blog…

Running has brought me to some of my closest friends.

Friends like

Laura A and Heather (two of my bridesmaids)

I love us.

Laura S



Taking 1-3 place with Brittany and Heather
Taking 1-3 place with Brittany and Heather

Kris and Kellie



Broad Street Liz

Danielle and Amelia

Danielle and Amelia always look so cute....and I look  Awkward...
Danielle and Amelia always look so cute….and I look like…me. Awkward…

While running didn’t bring Theresa and I together, we run together…


Let’s not forget I also work at an amazing store with amazing coworkers.

Volunteering with my coworkers at a local race
Volunteering with my coworkers at a local race

Of course my blog is also running based.  My best and favorite posts are running related.

A few of my favorite/most memorable races:

The Nike Women’s Half (oldie but goodie)

Lake effect Half marathon: This was one of the most meaningful races to me.  In 2014, I raised money and awareness for Ophelias place.  I ended up raising 2500 dollars.  I went on to win the race as well.


Atlantic City Half

Running is such an important factor of my life.  I never let it consume me but I know I share a love, passion and community with so many others.

Today I will be celebrating with some sort of run.  Work and sharing this day with friends and family.

Question for you: How are you spending National Runner Day?



  1. Love this hollie! Happy National Running Day! Running also brought me to you once, which was fun! Thanks for sharing your story! I think I explained why I run on my blog post…..probably should have thought about that before i posted it haha. Have a great run today! You have come such a long way!

    1. I agree Tina! It’s hard to believe how long ago that was. I hope you are able to come back and visit soon!

  2. So I had no idea that today was National Running Day until I started reading blogs this morning. Whoops. But I’ll definitely be celebrating today by getting a nice run in. It’s funny… I’d still consider myself on the beginning end of my running journey, but I’m finally starting to see what people love about it so much. And i love that it’s so much more than physical — that there’s such a huge mental component that carries over into other aspects of life.

  3. So glad that running brought us together! You have had a great running career so far, and have so much more potential- it’s exciting to see!

  4. Great post Hollie! I love to look back on my running journey and see how much running has given me. Really puts it into perspective when I don’t feel like going out for that 5 mile jog. I can’t imagine my life without running now! Hope you have a great running day- I’ll be joining my local running store for a Run Club run and foam rolling party 🙂

  5. Love this post!! Running has really changed my life in so many ways- actually a lot of the same ways it’s changed yours (quitting swimming, getting better, meeting Tim, blogging, making friends, working at a running store) and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it at this point. I don’t let it control my life, but it’s a huge part of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Such a great post 🙂

  6. Woohoo for National Running Day! Running is a huge part of my life (you know, working for a running company and all), and I definitely would not be where I am today without it. Hope you have some fun celebrations today!

  7. Happy National Running Day! I love this post. 🙂 Runners are the BEST people in the world. I’m so glad I started running because I got to meet so many cool people, including you! 🙂

  8. I’m so honored I made the friends list! :). Also it made me smile reading a recap of your run life. What an awesome time you’ve had and will continue to have!

  9. I cannot express how happy I am we met today. You are SUCH a good friend and person 😀 Today was awesome! Awkward waitress and all (I can’t believe she surpassed our awkwardness).

  10. Running has given you a beautiful life! I too feel blessed with the relationships I have made through the sport because it has connected me to others in my community and I have found my roots. My run this morning was very mentally draining and I felt really tired afterwards even though it was at a slow pace. I was discouraged for a bit, but then saw a post on Twitter saying “a 12 minute miles is as far as a 6 minute mile” That really brought it home. I run because I love it and it gives a depth to my life I’ve never felt anywhere else. Happy National Running Day!

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