Necessary for a New Car for LOLZ

This post can also be nicknamed as LOLZProblems…

As some followers know, I haven’t had the best luck with vehicles.  I’ve never been in a serious accident (knock on wood), have I’ve had my fair share of speeding tickets (and learned driving fast gets you nowhere).

I’ve also had a couple of fender benders (including my car sliding into a police car).  Now that I’m older and wiser (ha), I’ve become much more cautious.  These days I drive like a grandma in the right lane. That is easy in NJ when cars fly by you at 80+.

Anyways enough about my driving habits.  I do like to hang out with people and telling them about my past doesn’t exactly entice anyone to go in a car ride with me…

This post is meant to be humorous.

As most people know, we recently purchased a car (which I named Gretchen). It’s a 2012 BMW. Lorraine is still running well but eventually she won’t be. I have no car repair skills and since Lorraine is a 2000 with 140,000 miles, eventually things will break.

bmw 3 series

Here are some important things Gretchen is equipped with…These are things important to my life and past with cars.

A safety feature that I cannot lock the keys into the car. Last year I was extremely ditzy and locked my keys in my car a few times…From visiting Princeton last year to the wind blowing it shut at the NJ turnpike rest stop…

Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton.  After a 16 mile you don't want to come back to that...
Last Feb while running with Megan and Greta, I accidentally locked my keys in my car in Princeton. After a 16 mile run you don’t want to come back to that…

Heated seats.

For heating the (non)bum butt at all times. 90 degrees riding with the seat warmers on? Sure…it will sure feel good.

All wheel drive.

My senior year of college, Lorraine skidded on black ice…

right into a police car…

right in front of the entire men’s basketball team.

Always scrape your windshield (I didn't drive like this..)
Always scrape your windshield (I didn’t drive like this..)

The policeman was nice about it but it was extremely embarrassing.  It was unfortunate my car slid into a police car and with 2 dozen spectators.  It was a rough month….anyways all wheel drive so I can plow through the NJ winter.

Most importantly…perfect cup holders for the gas station coffee life.

gas station coffee

I have to get my coffee in the morning and these cup holders hold it perfectly…I give myself about a year before I break one and then spend 200 dollars to get it fixed.

Outside of the LOLZ, I wanted a car would last a long time.  I’ve driven the same car since high school and I would like to get at least (if not more) miles out of the next car.

Leaving the dealership
Leaving the dealership

Questions for you:

What was your first car?

What is your dream car?

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  1. I will never again own a car without heated seats and yes, I have used them during the summer to keep my glutes and hammies warm post run.

  2. Love your new car!! You were overdue for a new one and you know that one will last awhile which is great. I really wanted heated seats on my car when I got it a few years ago, but it was so much more expensive I couldn’t justify it. The next time around though, that will be at the top of my list of requirements.

  3. I have this obsession with white BMWs…they look so classy! Good for you – I love getting a new car. Also, fiance has a seat warmer…its my best friend and a must have in my next car!

  4. Gretchen is gorge. First car was a 4Runner in high school… which I totaled 7 days after getting my license. Parents were NOT pleased. Currently rocking a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, but my dream car would be a blacked out Range Rover. Mainly because I want to be a Kardashian. Kidding? Maybe.

  5. Well hey there, good looking! Having to deal with Canadian winters, I honestly couldn’t imagine owning a car that wasn’t 4 wheel drive and didn’t have heated seats. I drove a rear wheel drive car through one winter and… never again. That and I need my cars to be stick shift — I just get way too bored otherwise.

    1. Yeah! When I lived in Upstate I had to have a full winter kit on my car or I wasn’t going anywhere!

  6. I am a car fanatic. I love old muscle cars, jacked up trucks, and fast cars as well. I’ve had a lot of cars throughout the years (I’m older than most of ya’ll), and I always go back to the Jeep Wrangler. I’ve had an X, and a Sport. Now, I have a Rubicon. I absolutely love it. I think I’ve finally figured out that the Jeep is my vehicle of choice, and that’s probably all I’ll ever drive from here on out!

    I love your BMW. The white is classic–It’s nice that it has everything that you need, and I know you look super cute driving it!

  7. Gas station coffee, always and forever! I stopped at a WaWa the other day in Jersey and I SO miss that store. Why doesn’t Maryland have any?

    And heated seats are non-negotiable if you ask me.

  8. I absolutely love that I cannot lock my keys in the car. I call it idiot proofing the car.

  9. That police car story sounds like something I would do! My first car was a chrysler sebring convertible. I thought I was sooo cool. my friends and I would put the top down all the time – even when it was like 40 degrees because we were cool like that!

  10. I love your new car- very nice. Plus it’s cool you got a BMW coffee mug to go with it (the dealership obviously knew who they were selling to).

    My MIL’s car has heated seats and I love them. She doesn’t use them and neither did Clay when we drove the car for a few weeks but I used them. Even in warm weather the heat felt good on my bum especially because I was dealing with the hip issue at that time.

    My car’s kind of a POS, but it gets me from race to race and gym and grocery store and Costco. That’s about the only places I go really, many days I run more miles than I drive.

  11. Ive only ever owned Jeeps! My first car was a Jeep Wrangler, I LOVED loved loved that car. It was great for when I lived on an island, but when I moved I needed a car that could handle distance and highways hahah. My mom and I traded cars and I got her Liberty. Hated that car. Didn’t feel like a Jeep…. “Luckily” i spun out on black ice and ended up totalling the car. (I was perfectly safe and fine, even the stuffed penguin I keep in my car was buckled up so we were good), and with the insurance money I was able to get a Grand Cherokee Laredo. Love it. I speed a lot, but have only gotten one speeding ticket! crazy.

    And I literally only have AAA because I lock myself out of my car at LEAST once a month. Most recently was last week. I just always forget!! theyre often in the ignition too…. one time I left the keys in the ignition, locked myself out, went to a two hour class, and AFTER the class I realized I had locked them in there! They had been parked in the Back Bay in Boston… how my car wasn’t stolen, I don’t even know…

  12. YES, heated seats are amazing! And AWD is non-negotiable given the winters here. I drove my Jeep all through high school and college, and now it’s my sisters car. I really miss driving.

    1. I think the problem of where you and I live is that the ice melts then refreezes. It makes it more dangerous then Syracuse and upstate. At least they know how to plow up there 🙂

  13. First car I ever had was a blue Geo Storm…I thought I was so cool in that thing. But, it was a terrible car…slow…too small…everything in there was made of plastic. And my father put white leopard skin car seats and one of those CB radios in it so he could talk to his friends over walkie-talkie type things. You could never turn that thing off…so when my friends were riding in there with me, we would hear random obscene things in tagalog(filipino language).

    My dream car is a Prius. I know…fancy right? When you are young you want cool and fast…when you get older you want practical and good gas mileage. YAY for getting older!

    1. Ha, that is true about gas mileage! One thing I did complain about was the need for this car to take 91! My old car just took regular.

      That is funny about your old vehicle!

  14. I haven’t driven in 7 years now since city living! I don’t even have a valid drivers license anymore! But love the new wheels!

    My first car was a pick up truck. Having to parallel park that sucker for my driving test was awesome (just never ask me to do it again!)

    1. I think in my perfect world I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere. Although it would because I lived in a small community (not because I had to take the train in NYC lol)

  15. She’s a beauty! Pretty much would have been my car of choice, to be honest! I have a 2000 Honda with 170,000 miles. I am screwed if this thing breaks down. It’s my lifeline. Annnnd I had to take a test to keep my license from speeding tickets, so… Yeah, I understand Grandma driving now. Holla

  16. Yay! Awesome!!! Enjoy her, Hollie! Love love love heated seats. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one setting and that is HOT!
    Funny you mention the cup holder…my criteria was always that the cup holder could hold my water bottle (before they started making water bottles more, um…svelte).
    In my next car, I want a heated steering wheel for my always frozen hands! Now that would be a luxury.

  17. Hooray for a new car! I’m actually looking into my first car pretty soon. Nothing too new, but it’ll be exciting because I’ve never owned my own car. Heated seats would be amazing.

  18. I do agree seat warmers are nice! However when I am not expecting them and they turn on, I think I am peeing. This is awkward when I don’t know how to bring it up to who I am with =P

  19. such a beautiful car!! i love my grocery getter (tricked out CR-V) but if I get this job in MS or AZ I’m trading it in and getting a big ol F150.. or a jeep wrangler 🙂

  20. She’s beautiful!

    I just bought a new-old Subaru to replace my rusting-apart 2004 Cavalier (it was pushing 200k miles, and WNY likes to use a LOT of salt in the winter. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance).

    I bought the Subaru as a get-me-through car until I can pay down more of my student loans – it’s a 2001 but in really good shape – but it came with heated seats, and ohhhhh the glory after a run, no matter the outside temperature…I’ll never buy another car without them.

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