Gladys Cafe (St. Thomas) 

While visiting to St. Thomas, we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  We decided to deboard and see which restaurants were open on the island.  While touring around the town we stumbled upon Gladys Cafe.  It had a dineresc feel so we thought why not try it?  We were actually very intrigued by the menu and were instantly hooked (and yes we ate in other “nondiner” restaurants too 😉

After we went back to the cruise and had internet we found out that Gladys Cafe was one of the most popular restaurants on the island of St. Thomas.  It’s always fun when you can stumble upon hidden gems like that!

Atmosphere: A 

The restaurant is tucked on a side street of St. Thomas.  You have to walk down an alleyway to physically get there!  I don’t know how we even randomly found our way there.  The building is long and narrow so there is plenty of room in the restaurant. There are three rooms with a bar in the middle.  Gladys cafe is decorated with multiple family photos and portraits.  It is very clear it’s a very family friendly restaurant.  It’s nice to actually see how family friendly themed it is.


Leaving the ship.
Leaving the ship.

It was also really interesting and unique to see the owner, Gladys, working and making drinks for customers.  The only other time I’ve seen the restaurant owner working was in Rochester!

Coffee: D 

The waiter forgot I wanted coffee and I did not receive it until halfway through eating my meal.  It was also $3 and for 6 ounces.  For me the coffee was not worth it and I would not order it again.

Food: A

Glady’s Cafe has a lot of local and tropical options.  They have a lot of seafood options as well as poultry and lamb.  There are so many unusual foods that I have never heard of.  I enjoyed browsing the menu and debating what to order.  I hadn’t had Mahi Mahi in a while so I made the decision to order that! Before Glady’s the last time I had Mahi Mahi was probably in 2012.


Grilled mahi mahi at Glady's Cafe (the photo does not do it justice)
Grilled mahi mahi at Glady’s Cafe (the photo does not do it justice)

I ordered the grilled Mahi Mahi salad.  The Mahi Mahi was some of the best fish I’ve had.  It wasn’t over cooked and tasted as if they had fished it out themselves.  It was one of my favorite seafood dishes to date.  Most of my food on vacation was so delicious and unique that I want to post about it.  The salad was a normal ceaser salad.  I originally ordered the dressing on the side but they forgot to put it on the side so I just ate the salad anyways.  ‘Honestly, the salad was good and I’m glad it worked out that way.

Price: $$$

For my coffee and Mahi Mahi salad, the price was $22.  For the amount of food and coffee I received it was expensive.  That being said, the food was high quality so it was worth it.  I probably wouldn’t order the coffee again.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 

Gladys cafe is great and I enjoyed the Mahi Mahi.  I would come back but wouldn’t order coffee again.  I found the food extremely delicious and would recommend it if you visit St. Thomas.  The only issue I had was the service was not great (the coffee and salad dressing was forgotten).  Everything worked its way out in the end though.

Cliff notes:

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: D 

Food: A

Price: $15-25 

Overall rating: B

Questions for you: 

Have you tried mahi mahi before? 

Have you ever been to St. Thomas? 


  1. That picture of the ship is absolutely stunning! I’m glad the salad was good but waiting until halfway through your meal for coffee is unacceptable. Haha I obviously take my coffee very seriously.

  2. I love that picture of the ship. I’m sorry that they forgot your coffee. That is overpriced.

  3. Mmmm, Mahi Mahi! Surprisingly, it isn’t a fish I usually gravitate toward, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I had it. Not that I don’t like it though, but I prefer salmon and swordfish and sea bass. Also cannot believe they nearly forgot your coffee–the horror!

    1. I normally like Salmon or other types of fish above Mahi Mahi too but I was surprisingly craving it!

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