The #bumbutt Week 4

To begin this post, it’s all over the place.  I think my brain exploded into Microsoft word and the baby was this post.

Was this worth it...I don't know at this point...
Was this worth it…I don’t know at this point…

To be honest the longer my butt issues are prolonged, the more frustrated I get.  Last week was not enjoyable.  I am doing everything the sports doctor has said but it seems like nothing is working.  Part of the problem is that I need to find out the problem.  I am not 100% convinced that my only issue stems from the hip.  Often times with the body the pain manifests itself one place but is actually coming from somewhere else.

So physically my bum butt pain is still there.  The pain does not affect my gait or stride but it’s noticeable and unenjoyable.


I have questioned a lot about myself and running lately (but it in all seriousness who doesn’t when they are injured?)

I don’t think the marathon was worth the struggle I’m having right now.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the marathon more than another event (At this point, it’s safe to say I did a lot of damage).

To be honest if I didn’t have my wedding to look forward too, I would be down on myself.  I would be down on running and I would be more upset.  I alluding to this last week but I haven’t had the training or enjoyment out of running that I once had.

Is it because I’m not doing well?

Is it because I’m running distances I don’t even enjoy?

I don’t know but probably.  Why do something you don’t enjoy?

I’ve mentioned this a lot lately but the next few weeks are going to be a nice break that I need from running but also blogging and social media.

Yes I could take a break from social media at any time (LOL, no one is forcing me to blog) but this is largely a running blog.

If I’m not running, what am I blogging about?

I need to figure out what I want to do with my running and where I want to go.  I’m obviously all over the place and honestly don’t have an answer for what I want to do.

Do I want to completely take off time from running?  Maybe…

Do I want to cross train or even get back into the pool?  That also crossed my mind.

Do I want to train for shorter races and bypass a marathon this year?   I think that is a very strong contender.  I don’t enjoy marathoning (there I said it).

I feel like a broken record the last year about back to back injuries.  It’s been a hard year both physically and mentally (running wise…life has been great!).  I am looking forward to having better races soon.

Since this is a lot to follow and makes sense to me (but probably not people who aren’t in my mind).  Basically I am frustrated.  I am beginning to exhaust all of my options to figure out my #bumbutt.   Once we pin point the exact muscle location of injury, we can fix it but until then the frustration continues.

Questions for you:

What is your favorite race distance?

How was your weekend?


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  1. Sorry that you have to deal with another injury. I spent all of 2014 injured and trying to figure out what was causing the pain so I know how you feel. Focusing on shorter distances is probably a great idea! Its a lot easier on your body and you can typically see improvements quicker. I hope you figure things out soon!

    Also, good luck with any last minute wedding prep 🙂

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Easter Hollie! The marathon is my favorite distance but I can understand why you or others may not feel that way. It’s a ton of work to put in and its hard on the body! I believe a month or so off from running and taking a step back from talking about running will give you some answers you need. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Being injured is the biggest drag… I had a bum butt/hip that was a piriformis issue back in 2013 and it was a long recovery. At the time I really struggled with how long it was taking (I took weeks off, then weeks of light mileage and then strengthening.) It is odd how hindsight works because now that I no longer have the issue I barely remember those 12 weeks (and the 6 months it took to get back to running comfortably. Ugh!) but at the time- I thought I might have to give up distance running in order for the rest of my life not to suffer. (I did not have to.)
    Take some time off, sit on ice, enjoy your wedding, hop in the pool and you WILL be back on your feet kicking ass soon!

  4. Wow, I feel like I could have written this myself. I am having the exact same thoughts and emotions as you right now. Being a running blogger definitely adds a dimension to the struggle that non-bloggers don’t have to think about when they consider what to do with their training. I can’t seem to decide what is the right choice for me in terms of training, goals, or even running at all. I’m right there with you. HAPPY WEDDING WEEK!

  5. I’m sorry that you’re going through this and I hope you figure it all out soon. I’m glad you have your wedding to distract you, though! I went through a major rut with running right before we got married. It was good for me and eventually I found that the time off fixed a lot nagging issues I was having anyway with my body. Maybe it was stress/lack of sleep induced? Or maybe I was overtraining somehow? I don’t really know. The fact that your wedding will take up so much time in the next little while could do wonders for your healing. I hope so, anyway!

  6. I’m sorry your injured again Hollie. I hope you figure this out soon. If I don’t talk to you before, I hope your wedding is beautiful and everything turns out the way you planned.

  7. I’m sorry you’re struggling with it. I totally get not enjoying the marathon–it is NOT my distance. I did take a break (two years) and came back only on my own terms, which is to not push for PRs in that distance any more. But I think it’s good to use this “away” time –when you’re getting married, off the computer, to think about what you love most about running and then focus on that when you are healed. And as to getting healed–keep knocking on doors until you find a PT or doctor who can help you. I’ve found the medical community is frustratingly underprepared to help runners, honestly, but there are some good ones out there.

  8. *hugs* 🙁 🙁 🙁 Saying that you’re not sure your marathon was worth it truly says a lot. I definitely get the sense you’re really struggling big time this week (moreso than some of the other bum butt posts) and it breaks my heart to read that your injury isn’t really getting much better. I hope the docs can figure things out.

    Do not let this get you down. You have so much going on right now, you only have one wedding and honeymoon… enjoy this season of life! Running is a lifelong sport, I have friends in their 70s who are still doing road races and loving it. It will be there. Even if you’re not running, I read your blog for you and will enjoy your posts regardless, I love all the diner posts too! Your readers like Hollie… running Hollie or not running much Hollie! But I know it is kind of a blogging identity struggle when you’re injured…

  9. You’ve said to me many times to do what makes me happy…whatever that looks like. If running is not making you happy right now, don’t do it. If you don’t want to run anything longer than a 5k, so be it. If you never do another marathon….don’t. Injuries can be very discouraging. But one day you won’t be injured again and things may change for you.

    (As a side note: bum butt is like the most giggle-worthy injury of all time)

    I completely understand where you are mentally. Take this time to enjoy your upcoming wedding, honeymoon, and the beginning of your life with Tim. Then you can figure out your next steps. Like everyone else said, I don’t care what you blog about…I still love you and love reading your blog!

    1. You completely understand Lauren. I am glad I always have your support and I hope your wedding planning is not stressful!

  10. so sorry that you’re dealing with this, it totally sucks but this too, shall pass.
    i struggle with the exact same questions and thoughts, on a much slower, non-competitive scale but yeah.
    i just got married in january, and we had a marathon the weekend after our wedding. i got injured during training and was more frustrated with the marathon drama than the wedding stuff. it’s really so mental and totally ridiculous. my husband and i ran the marathon with my injury, which means we basically waddled. it was surreal, and totally dumb how i was upset about a marathon more than anything else. like what really matters in the end, right?
    there is so much stuff on the brightside, so best wishes and you got this!

    1. I always appreciate your comments Danielle and thank you for stopping by. I completely agree about things mattering the most!

  11. If running isn’t making you happy anymore, then I think it makes sense to take a break for a while. I always find that when I’m asking a lot of questions that I don’t know the answer to, taking a step back is what helps give me some answers as well as a better idea of what I need to do to get there. Sending good vibes your way <3

  12. I know how frustrating injuries are and how much they make you question yourself, especially as a runner. I’ve definitely had my share of times when I’m asking myself if it’s really worth putting this much stress on my body. I think this is really the perfect time for you to take that break for yourself, whatever it may look like. You’re going to have a blast at your wedding and an amazing time on your honeymoon. If nothing else, those are both great distractions from your bum butt and hopefully by the time you get back you’ll start to notice some progress.

    Thinking of you!

  13. Ahhhh, but the question is was it the marathon that did the damage or was the damage already done?

    Hands down, my favorite race distance is the marathon. It is a struggle and a triumph, in some way, every time. My weekend was awesome! Great run on Saturday and then spent time with the fam. The kiddo came down from college for Easter and to celebrate my b-day a little early. 🙂

  14. It’s remarkable to me how hard it is to do what truly makes you happy. I struggle with this too. I feel like I should train for a marathon all the time because it is supposedly the pinnacle of running and what “real” runners do. But it’s just not appealing to me. You know I love the 5K. There are so many of them that I can always find one whenever the weather is nice and I want to do something social on a Saturday morning. I can train effectively and see improvements in my fitness running just 30 miles a week and the recovery after a race is short and sweet. I really do hope you find the training path that makes YOU happy. Running should always be fun, first!

  15. I think a lot of times runners think they need to keep increasing their distance because we read so much about marathons, 24 hours runs, 50 milers, etc. in magazines and blogs. I think in the back of our minds we think we HAVE to do it if we are a “true” runner. It’s always the thought of the grass Is greener… but sometimes it just isn’t the case. Everyone enjoys different distances and it seems like you were really in a good place when you were PRing in the 5k and chasing that for a while! Long runs help with the 5ks but it isn’t the added pressure of running a marathon.

    I am SO sorry you’re dealing with this near your wedding but, as you said, at least it’s a positive thing to look forward to in a negative situation. Injuries are FRUSTRATING, but I learned I enjoy a lot of different fitness activities when I couldn’t run. I love, love, LOVE spin and pilates, so maybe you could try different classes and see if one actually sticks with you! Who knows… You could be a yogi! In the meantime, let’s get pancakes and cry about our injuries. I assure you, you can bitch to me for hours and I will not bat an eye about it!

  16. Have you considered reducing your mileage and adding biking and swimming? Triathlon training seems to do the trick for me. I used to be injury prone (stress fractures, IT band pain, etc) so I feel your frustration. Once I stopped focusing so much on run mileage and added weekly swim and bike sessions the injuries went away. I’m also way stronger and have less muscle imbalances. I haven’t been injured in two years now (knock on wood).

    I think you just need to find the right “recipe”. Good luck!

  17. I can completely relate to every single thought you are having! And no, it wasn’t a jumbled mess – I understood it all.

    I can’t wait to celebrate with you this weekend, we will have such a blast and forget all about the bum bum!

    Honestly, taking a solid 3-4 months away from running and doing whatever else I felt like was the best mental and physical thing for myself. It’s taking for. ev. er. to get back into racing shape but the time off to reset was worth it just for the change of focus and enjoyment of lift this summer.

  18. I’m so sorry for bumbutt. Any injury is a bumm(butt)er and i totally get that it makes you start to question why we run anyway. Your honesty is so refreshing.

    I’m sure you are getting advice and recommendations to last for days…but I have an amazing PT. She is an athlete, very hands on, her knowledge about anatomy is mind blowing. She helped me out while training for my first marathon and became my mentor.

    She is in somerset county…a little bit of a hike for you, but might really help. Send me an email if interested and I’ll send you her info.

    1. But I’m glad someone else enjoys butt puns like I do LOL. I have been to Somerset a few times (I actually really enjoy the Edison diner actually).

      I have a great team I’m working with right now though, I appreciate your recommendation!

  19. Some people don’t like marathons and that does not make them any less legit. I think it’s silly that most runners feel they have to progress in distance the longer time they’ve been a runner. I am tackling my first marathon this year, but if I decide it’s not my distance, I will be ok doing halfs, 10ks and other trail events. Honestly, who said even a mile was short? #bringbackthemile

  20. I’ve run 15 marathons and an ultra, and I always tell people: “If you think you want to run a marathon, do it. If you don’t want to, don’t do it.” Except for the people who run marathons as their actual job, nobody says you have to run — any distance. I’ve been trying to swim but I still hate it and find it so hard and confusing, so I don’t see myself sticking with it. And I’m ok with that, because nobody is going to fire me if I don’t swim, and if anybody judges me for not swimming then I’ll know they’re not someone I should value. For me, I LIKE half-marathons best because I recover from them faster, but the marathon still calls me. So that’s why I still want to do marathons. But it’s only because I want to, not because anybody thinks I should.

    As for the injury, boy do I know all about that frustration. The lack of endorphins is terrible, and all of the “running talk” just gets depressing at times. Hang in there, Hollie. You’ll get to the bottom of this injury, and then you’ll have learned how to fix it. In the meantime, take the time off that your body needs and don’t feel guilty about it. The wedding will be a much bigger reward than anything else, anyway!

  21. Favorite race distance: Half Marathon

    Weekend was good. Hang in there! I’ve run once since March 22 because of a strained abdomen…its very easy to get down on yourself. Maybe rest and the wedding and honeymoon break from it all is exactly what you need.

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