Another Two Months Down

Eight Thursdays have gone by since T left.

Eight weeks including Holidays like Christmas and New Years as well as his birthday.

Today is the day I finally get to pick him up.

Hard to believe his was two months ago
Hard to believe his was two months ago

I don’t know what was different but this deployment but it was a much more difficult.  After thinking for a while, I believe it was a combination of factors.

Maybe it was because of the holiday season

Maybe it is because I’m not a winter person

Luckily my family and friends were there for me. I could not be more thankful to each and every person who has been here for me.

For those that don’t know, T’s schedule changes a lot. He doesn’t deploy for 8 months at a time, he is gone for 2-3 months.  At first glance that looks great, except he is gone much more frequently. During our engagement, he will have been gone 8 months out of 12. In reality it’s about the same time.  It leaves us with 2 months to get into a schedule and 2 months to get out of one.  In reality, neither of us have typical 8-4 jobs.  I don’t think we ever have a “normal” schedule.

I know our relationship is strong but it doesn’t make it any easier.

This particular deployment he was gone  2 months.

In 2 months we are getting married (now that is a scary thought!) 

I think the next two months will be more chaotic honestly.

These last two months have flown by though:
New Years with Kellie and Kris
Rochester Visit

Outside of the internet (and blogging) I try and hang out with friends.  I have always found the key for me to stay happy is staying busy.  The moment I find myself bored, is the moment I feel alone.  I am not someone who can hang out every moment of the day but I do enjoy catching up with friends and seeing people.

If I allowed myself to sit at home and be sad, our relationship (or any relationship) wouldn’t work out.

Something that is important to Tim and I is having separate hobbies and activities.

Even when he is home we both manage to have separate hobbies.

I break things.  He fixes things.

We both do our thing.

We both are obviously very happy together but we also have other hobbies and friends. You need that balance in your life.  This doesn’t “just” apply to those in a relationship with someone who travels but all relationships in general.  I truly believe every couple needs to have a few hobbies they enjoy together as well as apart.

Anyways, thank you to my family and friends for your constant love and support!

I know I say this often but without the support of both our families, friends and readers I know this would be much more difficult.