James Browns Place

James Browns Place (Rochester, NY)

While visiting Rochester last weekend, Laura, Heather and I wanted to try a new diner.  We were going to run a 5k, but since the weather wasn’t that great, we decided to go to a diner instead.  I don’t have any regrets.  After googling possible options, we settled on James Browns Place, a famous diner in Rochester.

James Brown Place Atmosphere: A

James Browns Place is a cute, local diner.  The inside is exactly what you picture as a hole in the wall restaurant gem.  It is located on the main strip of Rochester.

At the James Brown Place, there are about 20 tables inside, and the grill is open.  I haven’t been to a restaurant in a while that I can physically see the grill. It’s cool to see where all the “diner magic” happens.  The diner is located in Rochester, NY which is a different atmosphere than New Jersey Diners.  Not unusual in a wrong way but just different.

We even had the pleasure to talk to the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Brown.  It was truly amazing to have the owner of the diner come out and speak to us, and he was hilarious.  Out of all the diners I’ve been too this was the first time I got to talk to the owner.

Chatting with Mr. Brown alone caused the rating of the atmosphere to be an A.  I wish we had gotten a photo!

James Brown Place Coffee: A

The coffee was refilled, and the waitress even brought a massive amount of whipped cream.  I don’t have any complaints. She also brought all four of plenty of refills.

James Browns Coffee

Which one is LOLZ coffee?
Which one is LOLZ coffee?

James Brown Place Food: A

James Brown Place has plenty of greasy spoon options, but you won’t find a lot of healthier choices. The amount of eggs, pancakes, and food James Browns Place has is overwhelming.  James Brown Place is known for their eggs benedict, Po boys, french toast, and home fries. It took the four of us 15 minutes to decide on food. This never happens!  Their breakfast menu at James Brown Place has everything and anything you could hope for in a diner.

I ordered the Greek omelet with sourdough bread.  It was great! The omelet had feta cheese, spinach, and onion.   The sour bread was perfectly toasted and had just the right amount of butter. The food was great, and there were a lot of options.

James Browns Place Omelet

The chef accidentally broke Heather’s over-easy eggs so gave her the second set.  Heather knew she had made it as a blogger because she got two eggs while reviewing the diner (we weren’t paid to review this or any diner).

The infamous eggs.
The infamous eggs.

This is a very traditional diner and has every element you would expect in a diner.

James Brown Place Cost: $

The price for my omelet and coffee was $9.50.

Overall thoughts of James Brown Place: A

Would I come back to James Brown Place (Rochester)?

I had a great experience at the James Brown Place in Rochester.  Next time I’m in Rochester, I will have to come back!   It was great to have the owner of the restaurant chatting at our table.  Mr. Brown is a great guy, hilarious, and it is obvious why he is so successful.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Price 5-10 dollars
Overall Atmosphere: A

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 Question for you: Have you ever met a restaurant owner? 

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  1. I want to drive back today for that meal. It was so good! And James did my dishes yesterday and was like “Why do you have so many coffee mugs? Wait what is ….. ”

    I’ll be traveling in April with it 😉

    1. Ha! At least it was a cute mug. Next time I’ll need to go to Buffalo and try a diner. 😉

  2. That about says it! NY is the best for food, fun and men named Mr. Brown! I used to work at The State Diner in Ithaca and can say…you did not want to meet the owner, but the wait staff was pretty legit 😉 I’m glad Upstate still does ya proud!

  3. I will always love this place because that is where I realized I had finally made it as a blogger. Give me more free eggs, do you know who I am?!?

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