Training Week: 1 [32.1 miles]

This week I planned to have more recovery days.  I’ve had about 6 weeks of increasing mileage and solid running so I was way overdue.   There are various ways to cut miles out.  I’ve done shortening each run and I’ve also taken more rest days.  I’m not sure which one actually makes me feel more recovered.  This week I opted for more rest days and took 3 (versus 1).  In a month or so, I’ll try cutting miles out of my run and seeing how I feel.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 mile run
Wedensday: Rest
Thursday: 12.1 mile run
Friday: Rest (and run away from customers on Black Friday…just kidding)
Saturday: 5 mile run
Sunday: 10 mile run
Total: 28


I have recovered well from my half marathon last weekend.  I’m surprised and expected to be sore for a couple of weeks.  Each run felt pretty easy and relaxed.

On Thursday  I had one of those runs where I felt extremely good, so I kept running…and running and running…When I finished my run I realized I had run just over 12 miles.  Was that the smartest thing of me?  No, probably not but I felt good.  My foot didn’t hurt, my lungs didn’t hurt and it was just a great run.  Then on Thursday I was sore.

sore as shit

I recovered pretty well and finished out the week strong.  Ha but I certainly rested on Friday.  It blew my mind I ran like that almost every day.  Hopefully eventually I’ll be able to get back into that fitness.

one day difference

Plans and upcoming plans:

I’m going to begin getting back into training (which is why I named this post “training week”).

I feel like I’m at the point to consistently train for something (what is that something?).

I’m at the point where I want to begin adding shorter races (5-10ks) into my schedule.  I want to run faster and begin improving my fitness. I mean who doesn’t want to get back into shape?

Next week I’m going to hopefully run between 40-45 miles.  I can feel my endurance coming back but my speed is not there at all.  I’ve slowly started looking at races in the local South Jersey area.  If you are local Jersey/Philly let me know what you are doing in the next couple of months.

Questions for you:

What kind of run/workout did you do on Thanksgiving?

Have you ever had a run that you felt like you could just keep going? 


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  1. I usually feel more recovered by taking extra days off, for sure. I’ve tried to cut mileage off my runs and while it definitely helps, I think for the mental aspect the full days off help more, even if it’s only believing I’m more recovered! You’re doing so well and the speed will take time and be the last thing to return.

  2. I’m in the south Jersey/Philly area!

    I’m not doing any races locally until late April though. Unless of course I throw in a fun theme race somewhere.

    End of April though I do the Run the Vineyards 5 miler in Vineland and I’m hoping to get the lottery for the broad street this year.

    1. That’s awesome! We have packet pickup normally at Running Co so I might see you there. I want to do that race as well but I think it might fall on the same weekend as my wedding!

  3. On Thanksgiving I ran, did elliptical, and walked. It was weird being back at the gym in my home town!

  4. I used Thanksgiving as a rest day, but I did an hour of yoga every day. I haven’t had a real rest day in about 9 weeks so it was much deserved.

  5. A lot of times in my long run I feel like I could keep going, but sometimes I think that’s a good thing especially if the long run is shorter than the goal race. If I long run 12 miles, I should finish like I can keep going considering I’m training for a half :). I try to remind myself to save a little in the tank for the next workout.

    I took one rest day this week; I took Thanksgiving off because it’s a holiday and family day, we traveled and I’d rather be 100% there for friends and family than trying to squeeze a run in.

    Most people here are training really hard, but that’s the joy of living in the South. This IS marathon and half marathon season for us :). Had a few friends run Space Coast full and half today. Kiawah is in 2 weeks and I know a lot of runners are doing that one.

    Looks like you’re having a good comeback so far. You’re consistent in running and being pain free and that’s what matters :).

  6. i’m so excited for you to get back into racing, hollie! i love following your progress. and on a related note – you should enter the lottery for the cherry blossom 10 miler here in dc in april – it’s super fun, and i think a bunch of oiselle birds will be running! 🙂

  7. On Thanksgiving I did a bit of cross training (elliptical and bike) because my foot has a bit of swelling on the outside. I thought about doing a Turkey Trot but we got about 6 inches of snow and I don’t always think winter running (on trails mind you) is safe.
    I love the runs where I feel like I could keep going. They are also a source of over doing it for me. Might be a reason to get a coach haha

  8. Glad you feel like endurance is coming back! I was just looking at NJ races last night.. I don’t think I’m doing Houston and looking for another race to keep me motivated.

  9. Ohh those workouts where you feel like you can keep going and going… I’ve only had a few of those with running, and I always take advantage and keep going. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been recovering well and feeling good 🙂 The speed will come — I find the stamina is always the hardest thing to build back up.

  10. My posts don’t seem to be showing up… sorry if this posts twice. In any case, I’m looking for races in the area, too. I’ll be curious to see what you decide on!

  11. YES, BACK TO THE TRAINING GRIND!! So psyched for you! I need to find some 5- and 10-Ks to do too. Also, everyone at work is talking about doing Wineglass next year, FYI. I’m seriously thinking about the half … 🙂

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