November Training

I feel like every month is a blur and I find myself posting a monthly recap sooner and sooner. I almost feel like I was just posting about my stress fracture…in reality that was 3 months ago.  I cannot complain though because each month has brought me closer and closer to running at 100%.  

November training was my best in a while. I’m slowly ticking away at more miles. I’m putting in the base miles to set me up for races in 2015.  I’m more motivated than ever to get healthy and fit again. I think that comes from a combination of being injured and finding local races to do.

November Stats:
Miles: 147 (the most since August)
Paces: 7:50-12-untimed
Longest Run: Harbor Lights Half Marathon (only race)

harbor lights half marathon 1
Shortest Run: 3.38

Best Run: Thanksgiving I had a run that I felt like I could run forever…then I woke up the next day sore (but so well worth it).

I thought this was a really good month for me. My confidence is slowly building back with running. Am I there yet? No but it takes time.  I honestly don’t have any complaints with this month, I achieved everything I wanted too.  I’m really happy with my running this month.

Goals for December:

My main goal is to stay consistent and to stay injury free.  My secondary goal is to jump into some races.

Dec 7: Schuylkill River Run
Dec 14: Haddon Heights 5k
Dec 31: Beat the Ball 5k

Past racing I plan to continue building my miles. I want to continue building my base and laying more foundation. If all goes well, I’m hoping to run between 200-250 miles. If I don’t feel right than I won’t. I want to continue build miles smartly.  There is no sense in running more miles only to run no miles in January.

Questions for you:
How how was your month of November?
What are you racing plans in December?

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  1. No race plans until end of January, and just taking it easy this month. Excited to see how your races go this month, makes sense to stick to shorter races at this point for you so to not push it with injury recovery.

  2. I’m only running one race in December, it’s on Dec. 20. Mainly bc we are going out of town the next 2 Saturdays and I’m really focusing on half training so I’d rather race a little less. But I have another on Jan 1 so that’s coming up soon too.

    I’m glad you had a better month and it’s so great to read about your recovery! Good luck with your upcoming races as well.

  3. I’m glad that things are finally working out overall so you can get in more miles 🙂 November was a good month overall for me. Finally got to run my 26.2 and then I got to start enjoying lots of easy miles again. I have been loving the no pressure runs and need to figure out a way to try and keep this mindset more when training starts again. Only one race planned in December…local 5k on the 31st with my store, which I think I’m going to run faster than the Turkey Trot I did (but I also won’t be pacing anyone for a PR) but not quite racing. Want to push myself but also have fun….fine balance in a 5k for me haha

  4. I’m running my first 50k on December 13th, so that’s the big thing dominating my thoughts when it comes to running! Looks like you had a great November of training, I’m glad building back up post-injury is going well for you!

  5. I entered a 5K for next weekend that gives all money to the local food pantry … it will be more of a ‘fun run’, but it is timed so I will see if it is possible to actually run it as a race (I doubt it, but hey). This will be my first 2014 race 🙂

  6. In two weeks, I’m running a 5k with my boyfriend and a friend. We run it every year but it’s always fun. I don’t have anything else planned until next year. I’m glad to see that you’re healing nicely!

  7. Seriously, where did November go?! And December will pass just as quickly with the holidays. I don’t have any races scheduled for a while (should probably fix that!)–but I did register for my season (triathlon) opener in April.

  8. Those are good, solid goals. My November was low-mileage but I’m OK with that because I’m trying to slowly build my mileage to avoid reinjuring myself. I just ran a 5K and a half in the last several days, and I don’t plan on racing in December. I’m going to do some foundation building the first few weeks of the month and then start marathon training for my A-race, the Eugene Marathon, in late December.

  9. I have no racing plans for December and that’s fine for me. I have been liking the relaxed approach to training recently with few tempo paces and sometimes just watching TV while I run. It sounds weird, but it’s kind of peaceful as well. November running was painful at times, but taking time to cross-train and slow down was just what my foot needed.
    Is the Beat the Ball 5K at midnight?

  10. Wow 3 months! It feels like you just started running again a few weeks ago! You seem to be coming back really nicely from the stress fracture though! I’m sure part of that is not rushing into running too much too fast! Good job 🙂

  11. I can’t believe November is already over! It’s insane. Good luck this month!

  12. I love how organized you are! Right now I’m still in recovery mode so I’m skipping my Santa Run on Sunday 🙁 I won’t be racing until the end of February but I’m sure that will be here before I know it!

  13. Is that FitFriend App? I follow Mike on Tumblr and I wish I had an iPhone so I could use his app because it looks really awesome.

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