Training: The Week I ran Outside 3 Times!

When life gets in the way you work out less.  At least that seems to happen to me.  As most people know (and it merits its own post too), Tim and I have officially moved. It’s about 50 minutes from our previous location.  Securing the house caused us to need to move and have all of our stuff into this new house by today (Sunday).

Within this last week we have packed and moved everything.  This time last Sunday, we were living normally in our previous house.  We knew we were moving and had packed a few things but not much. Now we are completely in a different house.  A special thank you goes out to Tim’s parents who really helped us out. It’s funny how fast these things happen! Blogging and workouts took a backseat this week.

So yes, I’ve been busy and honestly rather stressed.  I wish I could tell you I made it to the Alter G at work (which is 50 minutes there) but I didn’t have the time to spend 3 hours for that (drive 50 minutes, run, drive home). I needed to pack more than I needed to workout.  That being said, I feel like I’ve done a lot this week even though I’ve worked out far less. As weird as this sounds I feel like this is the most productive training week I’ve had in 7 weeks (all due to essentially 30 minutes of running this week)! 

And I’m fine with that.  I ran outside three times this week and I would prefer

Monday: 5 miles Alter G
Tuesday: 1.25 miles outdoors
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 1.25 miles outdoors
Friday: 1 Hour AMT
Saturday: 1.25 Miles outdoors
Sunday: 5 miles Alter G


Actually, realistically I got a lot of running in.  I didn’t feel bad when I ran.  Obviously I wouldn’t have run if I did.  I felt a bit of soreness after each mile outdoors.  There was nothing that felt uncomfortable or that changed my gait cycle. At this current point, I am very aware of my foot. Honestly I’ve never come back from an injury not being hyper aware of my issue or problem. This has been the longest road to recovery I have had from any injury. Between my arch problem and this stress fracture I’ve spent over 3 months down and out!

At this point I will take any injury free miles I can get. My plan next week is to take each day as it comes. I won’t run over 2 miles in one run. I will probably run between 5-8 outdoor miles if everything goes well and perfectly. I will also go to the Alter G when everything from this move settles down. While I’m not sponsored for the Alter G, I am very fortunate we have one at work. It is something I will continue to use when I’m healthy.

I’m very much hoping I’m finally recovering and starting a new chapter in my running. This has been my longest recovery from an injury.

Emoji fingers crossed and healthy foot emoji.

Questions for you:
What is your longest injury?
How many times have you moved?