Crystal Lake Diner (Haddon Township)

Crystal Lake Diner (Haddon Township)

I feel somewhat weird posting this. I have had the Crystal Lake Diner review typed up for a while but haven’t posted it. There was a fire that left the diner in South Jersey unopened for over a year. It happened in the middle of the night, so thankfully, no one was hurt or injured.

Article about the Crystal Lake Diner burning down

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Update: Crystal Lake Diner (Revisited): The Crystal Lake Diner was rebuilt, and you can now go again.

Tim and I went earlier in the year. We were picking up furniture in the area and wanted to (of course) try a new diner. After a quick google search, we found the Crystal Lake Diner.  It was within a mile of where we were so we just headed up there.

The diner was located on a large hill. We worried the emergency break might fail, but if people park safely in San Francisco, we figured we were okay.

Crystal Lake Diner Atmosphere: B
The outdoor atmosphere of the Crystal Lake Diner is a normal, large building. It was nothing that welcomes you or pulls you into the building except it says “diner.” If I hadn’t googled it, we probably would have driven right by.

The inside of the Crystal Lake diner was a typical diner. It had booths, tables, and a bar running the length of the restaurant. I can’t say it was the most cleanly diner I have been too, but it wasn’t awful.  It was a typical diner. It was what most states expect out of a diner.

Crystal Lake Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the Crystal Lake Diner is good. While they did not have whipped cream, they did use large mugs and didn’t charge for retails. It tasted like that burnt diner flavor that most people associate with diners.  I didn’t take a photo because my phone was going to die soon and I needed to “save it.”

Crystal Lake Diner Food: A
I was honestly extremely surprised by my food at the Crystal Lake Diner. By the general atmosphere, I had gone with a “this food will be okay but probably not great” mentality. They are well known for their breakfasts and mini meals.

My salad at the Crystal Lake Diner was excellent, and I have no complaints. I ordered the Greek Salad with chicken and pita bread. It was a standard Greek salad, but the dressing was pretty thick. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most.  I would classify the Crystal Lake Diner as a hidden gem, “hole in the wall” type of place in Haddon Township. Based on the atmosphere, you might drive right on by. Crystal Lake Diner Salad

Cost: $
For one coffee and two meals, the cost was 28 dollars.

Overall Impression
I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the Crystal Lake Diner. I have no complaints and rather enjoyed my food. I’m glad you can come back again.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite salad topping?

How often does your phone die?

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  1. RIP, Crystal Lake. I’m praying it re-opens too and with the same giant chocolate brownies!

  2. I used to work the graveyard shift at 24 hour diner. I really needed money and was desperate to make it on my own with no help. What I saw there has given me no interest in going to a “diner” again. It’s coincidental because it actually burned down so I was forced to get another job. My new job is 2000x better and the diner rebuilt and I’ve heard it’s cleaner inside. Hopefully the Crystal Lake diner will rebuild and be even better than it was before. It sounds like a great place.

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